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FEBRUARY 28 - MARCH 2 - 2022 
The Training 2022 Conference & Expo provides the very best in skill-building content, covering train-the-trainer essentials (design, development, delivery, management, evaluation, and measurement), behavioral analytics, serious games for learning, leadership development, digital learning, emerging technologies, and more. With your MembershipPLUS benefits package save $150.00 off of the registration cost for the 3-Day conference OR a 3-Day Certificate Program!*** 
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"We are living in unprecedented times. 'Work' as we know it has changed. Forever. In order to thrive, organizations must re-invent themselves and embrace the new normal." Jill Christensen - Employee Engagement Expert | Best Selling Author | Intl. Keynote Speaker | Top 100 Global Thought Leader - Access the recordings from this workshop in two sessions. Session 1 - What You Need to Know - A Deep Dive into Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement & Session 2 - A Focused Look at Proven Strategies to Keep Remote Workers Engaged, Enthused, and Effective.
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15% Discount** - Training magazine's Live + Online Certificate Courses are designed for training and learning professionals and provide the big picture (strategies) and fine details (tools and tips) you need to succeed. Participate in these live, interactive, and collaborative Webcasts designed and delivered by the best in the training industry. 

Mplus srvc v2 elbros

Become an eLearning rock star! Build content that is engaging, interactive, and inspiring. TrainingMagNetwork & eLearning Brothers empower you with access to the Periodic Table of Instructional Design, PowerPoint templates, and Icons. With the MembershipPLUS benefits package get even more!  The customizable and editable eLearning Course - Cyber Work From Home (Full Course), Render, and customize in your choice of three formats Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Lectora.  

Masters 8 apr 20 update worksheet 2021 04 20 07 42 32
Access the recordings from the webinar event of the season, the Masters Series Webinar - Thoughtful & Engaging Virtual Design - Meaningful Training with Measurable Results.  We assembled 7 top presenters in 6 sessions, Cindy Huggett, Megan Torrance, Jessica Jackson, Danielle Watkins, Kassy LaBorie, Becky Pike Pluth, and Ray Jimenez to help you produce, manage and improve your virtual training in an ever-changing environment. 
Masters gamification   record rem in web worksheet and final 2020 11 24 10 55 35
Access all six recordings, handouts, and the valuable resources from our newest Masters Series webinar event! The New Gamification - Fresh Design Approaches, Solutions & Results. We assembled 6 of the top thought leaders on Gamification. What members are saying "I have learned so many great ideas from all of the speakers and am inspired to create more gamified elements for my online college courses"
Presentation1 2019 03 25 09 25 40
Access the recordings, handouts, and resources from our Masters Series webinar event! Modern Presentation Design - PowerPoint & Beyond. We assembled 5 of the top thought leaders on presentation design and techniques. They showed modern methods and techniques to improve your presentations of more impactful learning.   
Elearning art

Newly updated! Now with over 500 character images! Create powerful presentations and training resources with bonus graphics and images!  Special bonus - PowerPoint templates with, hundreds of icons, helpful graphics, charts, and images with the MembershipPLUS benefits package.  eLearningArt is the leading provider of eLearning images and templates for the industry. 

Biz library launch 2019 12 10 09 29 07

Streamline your training and empower your learners with BizLibrary Video Lessons. You can study them individually or train your teams by inviting them to view and learn. With the MembershipPLUS benefits package, all 75 BizLibrary Video Lessons are yours to use along with all available handouts, transcripts, and resources. 

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Access the recording and resources from the special workshop - Build Stunning PowerPoint Templates That Work!  You'll receive a valuable graphics resources package you can use right away!  The reviews are in! What members are saying.   "Make my presentations more impactful. Check out the resources provided, loved the demo of the tips and techniques - very easy to follow and absorb."
New training live   online graphics 2020 12 14 10 54 53
Access the recordings and resources from the Masters Series webinar, Transformational Leadership - Must-Have Methods, Techniques & Strategies.  This dynamic online event with 7 speakers in 5 sessions gives you a roadmap to transform your leadership while showing how effective leadership is perpetually changing and being redefined.  
Membership asset   v2
We invite you to the special webinar event in Training Mag Network's "Master's Series", "The Reinvented Classroom".  With your membership, you can access all 8 of the webinar recordings.  See the recent evolutions in new virtual and physical classroom technologies and techniques, showing you how these are being applied to create richer, more effective learning experiences. Please click "More Info / Access Recordings & Resources" for more information and the access path to the recordings. 
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Welcome to our special webinar event, Training Magazine Network's Master's Series, Innovations in On-the-Job Training.  With your MembershipPLUS level membership or higher, you can access all 8 recordings from the sessions.  Our 8 subject matter experts showed how to apply and get results from breakthrough innovations in on-the-job training. Please click "More Info / Access Recordings & Resources" for more information and to access the recordings.  
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Welcome to the recordings from our special webinar event, Training Magazine Network's Master's Series, Tools to Engage the Modern Learner.  With your membership, you can access all 8 recordings of this session and all of our other Masters Series events.  Our 8 subject matter experts explored and demonstrated tools to make your training the most effective it can be. Please click "More Info / Access Recordings & Resources" for more information and the access path to the recordings
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Access all 8 recordings from this special event - We assembled an elite team of futurists with pragmatic experiences. The dynamic one day, two-track, full-day event focused on the advancements in Learning Technology and Practices. Each speaker presented on trends that are signposts on how organizations achieve their learning and performance goals in the future. They shared practical experiences and laboratory tested models for small and large scale solutions.

Access the recordings from our Intensives Workshops & Hands-on online series, Building A Smarter Learning Ecosystem.  This 3 session workshop is designed for trainers, designers, facilitators, leaders, and for those who desire to adopt new modern methods in learning and design. 
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Recording & resources access to the TrainingMagNetwork Intensives Workshops & Hands-on - The New Trainer & Designer Roles in Continuous Learning @ Work.  An online workshop for trainers, designers, facilitators, leaders, and for those who want to adopt a new mindset while developing new skills towards learning that matters at work.  Seven mentors and facilitators show the way in three sessions.  
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Energize and engage your learners.  Own all 7, customizable, editable and reusable games.  Add to your LMS or website.  Archery, Mad Scientist, Word Bird, Book Shopping, Interview with Kent, Word Trivia or Building Blocks.  Use these games in HTML5 to train and to increase interactions and retention.  
Workshpv4svcthumbnail11 10 50 36
Join Barbara Ingrassia for our newest Intensives Workshop and Hands-on sessions - Your Copyright Questions Answered.  Fair use, Creative Commons, internet videos, using images, music, and audio files, it can all be a bit overwhelming.  Let Barbara Ingrassia, President of Manage Copyright, help end the confusion in a 2 session online workshop for trainers, designers, facilitators, leaders, and for those who desire to adopt a better grasp and understanding of copyrights.
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Own the 5 compliance Storyline 2 eLearning Micro Lessons.  Key interactive learning and discussion starters about, age, religion, sexual harassment, handling those who don't think the rules or policies don't apply to them and handling sensitive requests for information.  Use as they are or customize them to meet your organizations needs.  The compliance eLearning lessons are a valuable edition to your training and LMS.  
They cant read your mind
Limited Time Bonus - $3500 Value New eLearning Course - Communications and your workflow can breakdown when expectations are not clear. In this eLearning course, you will learn how to address most common errors and find opportunities to improve communication achieving the best results from others. 
Live webinars

Connect directly with thought leaders by participating in over 10 live webinars a month! Participate in these lively, interactive, and collaborative webinars designed and delivered by the very best in the training industry. Gain new ideas, tactics and insights to build on your existing skills, grow new expertise and enable you to stay up-to-date on best practices in the field of eLearning.  TMN live webinars are free and paid membership is not required. Space is limited, so register now!

Recorded webinars

If you missed some live webinars we've presented, you're in luck! Retrieve hundreds of free recordings, handouts and discussions from the most sought-after webinars and highly-rated sessions.  Our recorded webinars showcase the most recent ideas for talent management professionals from the eLearning industry's best thought leaders.  

White papers

Access the single best, most authoritative source of information on over 20 topics that include social learning, reinventing your Learning and Development brand, conversations with the C-Suite, Learning and Development's role in employee engagement and outcomes-based training.  These brief and concise essays will enable you to implement best practices as you wrestle with eLearning issues your organization faces.

Tc 4 final 10 off workshops
Receive a 10% discount on any of the upcoming The Training Clinic workshops for a full year from your paid upgraded membership date.  As long as you maintain your upgraded membership, you’ll receive 10% off any additional Training Clinic workshops. Click “View” for the details.
Evidence based certification

TMN is proud to announce their partnership with The Institute for Performance Improvement and The Training Clinic.  The Institute for Performance Improvement and The Training Clinic are two of the nation’s leading, high caliber organizations who specialize in certifying Learning and Development experts. Both organizations are united by a common dedication to evidence-based certification. Basic members receive a 10% discount on evidence-based certifcation services. 


Learn, discover, track and share your personal knowledge, skills, and experience and expertise development through Path to Expertise (Path2X).  Grow self-confidence, nurture freedom of learning while meeting your company demands for learning results.  Search from a large library of over 50,000 (and growing) guest blogs, articles, events and webinars, interactive on-demand learning, articles, white papers, best practices, eLearning and other knowledge sources.  Best of all, gain immediate answers to “How do I…?”  

Guest blogs and articles

Gain unlimited access to the largest searchable database in the training industry and delve into magazine articles, 100,000 blog entries, interactive webinars, and much more.  Stay current on management issues such as leadership and succession planning, recruitment and retention, learning theory, on-the-job skills assessments and aligning core workforce competencies to enhance the bottom line impact of training and development programs. 

Presentation1 2020 12 02 12 14 50

The annual report presents trends in pay for training and learning professionals to aid in making fair and competitive pay practice decisions.  Survey results explore global and regional salary trends broken down by salary variables, including industry and company size.

Hrd hall of fame white papers

Stay informed through reading our authoritative Training Top 10 Hall of Fame white papers on hot topics that include Social Learning, Reinventing Your L&D Brand, Conversations with the C-Suite, L&D's Role in Employee Engagement and Outcomes-Based Training.

Leadership studies

Access key findings from global leadership surveys conducted by leading organizations that include Training magazine, the American Management Association, Development Dimensions International and the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp).  Acquire research-driven insights to help your make wise decisions on how to develop leaders within your organization.

Research reports

Gain insight on how Training magazine's Training Top 125 Award winners, the organizations with the most successful learning and development programs in the world, implement initiatives such as learning technologies, purchase of technology and informal learning activities. 

Elearning lab

Our eLearning Programs feature top-quality eLearning courses from the finest content development firms in the U.S. Access key elearning content for your admiration of high-quality design and production value. Our partner firms which have provided the eLearning courses are: Allen Interactions, BizLibrary, Torrance Learning, eLearning Brothers, Vignettes Learning, and many others.

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