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Renewed Workshop: Build Stunning PowerPoint Templates & Graphics That Work! 

Graphics Resources Package & Discounts

Upgrade to MembershipPLUS for exclusive access to our new online 60 minute workshop Build Stunning PowerPoint Templates & Graphics That Work!  Gain access to the recorded workshop, and a valuable resources package including Build-A-Graphic discounts.  You'll receive all 20+ additional benefits included with MembershipPLUS. Start enhancing your skills today!

Why should you review the recording? 
  • Be creatively inspired
  • Discover fresh, new graphics
  • Easily turn words into visuals
  • Chunk your text with one click
  • Export graphics into ANY software (e.g., Google Slides; Adobe Suite; Microsoft Word)
  • It’s a “visual learning system” (You organically become a better visual communicator the more you use it)
  • A $595 value, free with MembershipPLUS in Training Magazine Network 

Upon completing this workshop you'll be able to confidently create, use, and apply:
  • Stunning, on-brand PowerPoint templates
  • AI and other generative tools to speed design 
  • Master Slides, Layouts, and Themes for consistency
  • Professional graphics 

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Build DIY Graphics With Step-by-Step Instructions

Create Graphics That Flow & Communicate - Graphic Cheat Sheet

Customize From the Top 10 PowerPoint Templates Made in Build-a-Graphic

Member Discounts on Billion Dollar Graphic Products

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Renewed Workshop: Build Stunning PowerPoint Templates and Graphics That Work! - Learn to quickly make intuitive, easy-to-use, professional PowerPoint templates. Great templates mean better presentations. Unfortunately, most do not work and are often misused. Avoid common traps and mistakes. Get the tips, tricks, and secrets the pros use to design and deliver PowerPoint templates that everyone can use the right way. Also, get 10 professional PowerPoint graphics and discover a tool to make more. 

Build-A-Graphic - Improved to solve your design and presentation needs better!
  • Now works on Windows, Mac, and PowerPoint Online
  • Faster and easier to use
  • Better search results (updated keywords, ability to add multiple search terms)
  • Added “What’s New” button
  • Added “Request a Graphic” button
  • Users can preview Build-a-Graphic for free here:
  • Launched “Build-a-Graphic Local” for ultra-secure users who can’t access the Microsoft Store or install apps.

For additional webinars and resources from Mike please Mike's page in our Presentation Design Learning Center and discover even more from other leading presentation design thought leaders! 

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This benefit is available to MembershipPLUS TrainingMagNetwork members.
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