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A request to measure the success of learning and development at the business impact and ROI levels usually creates much frustration among the L&D community. Most professionals do not know how to do this. Others are concerned that their programs may not be connected to the business, and measuring the success at impact and ROI may cause some negative perceptions of their particular initiatives. Still, others think the process of connecting learning to the business is too difficult and too time-consuming. However, these are not valid assumptions.    


Four realities are occurring in today’s learning and development environment, globally.

1. Most top executives want learning and development to be aligned with the business. Business measures exist in corporations, government agencies, NGOs, and even nonprofits. Business measures include output, quality, cost, and time. Sponsors of programs want to see L&D connected to these important measures.

2. The concept of ROI is familiar to most people. We use ROI in almost every purchasing decision we make. We compare the benefits we are receiving to the cost of the product or service. If we think the benefits will outweigh the costs, we buy; if not, we don’t. The finance and accounting fields provide a process to calculate the ROI. Centuries ago, governments created a concept called benefit-cost analysis, which includes the same data as the ROI calculation. Thus, benefit-cost ratio (BCR) and ROI are not new. What is new, is the frequency that ROI is being requested, and sometimes even required, by those who fund programs that are expensive, strategic, and important.

3. Connecting learning and development to the business is not that difficult. This can be accomplished without complex mathematics or confusing financial calculations. There are simple, logical processes that can be followed for any project or program that you want to evaluate at that level. The challenge is that many L&D professionals do not know how to do this. The ROI Learning Center addresses this challenge.

4. Thousands of L&D professionals are routinely doing this. By connecting L&D to business measures, they enjoy better budgets, productive business partnerships, and improved stakeholder support. Also, they have proof that L&D makes a difference in their organization, a difference that executives can understand, appreciate, and accept.

Our Goal

The ROI Learning Center provides tools, templates, and case studies to help prepare you for success in today's environment. Our goal is to take the mystery out of the ROI process. Using the methodology will better position you to find success in today's environment and help your organization thrive in today’s new reality.

Start at Level 1 and explore each level at your own pace. Each of the five levels will bring you closer to calculating the ROI of your program or project. There is also a calculator to help you calculate ROI when you have the appropriate data. We think you will find the ROI Learning Center helpful.

Thanks to Training Magazine Network for offering this resource to its network members. As always, please share your feedback about the ROI Learning Center so we can make it a more effective resource for you.

Enjoy the journey,

Patti and Jack Phillips

  • Introduction to ROI
  • ROI Methodology Model in 12 easy steps
  • ROI Self-Assessment "Are You Ready?"
  • ROI Quiz
  • What is the Status of Your Evaluation?

  • ROI Methodology Process Model
  • The Basics Introducing the ROI Methodology (From the ROI Basics 2nd Edition)
  • ROI Institute Online Academy

  • ROI Methodology Application Guide
  • Data Collection Plan Sample
  • Data Collection Plan Template
  • ROI Analysis Plan Sample
  • ROI Analysis Plan Template
  • ROI Certification
  • ROI Academy Level 1: On-demand Boot Camp

  • Measuring and Isolating the Impact of Programs (from The Value of Learning)
  • ROI Impact Studies One-Page Summaries
    • Leadership Development
    • Sexual Harassment
  • Typical Impact Measures
    • Hard Business Data
    • Soft Business Data

  • Identify Benefits and Cost, and Calculating ROI (from The Value of Learning)
  • Definition of BCR and ROI
  • Case Study Summaries
  • Chain of Impact
  • Precision Manufacturing's Leadership Program Case Study
  • Summary Data for ROI Evaluation
  • ROI Calculator 
  • Survey
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