eLearning Course - Who Should Do That?


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Who Should Do That?

Frontline leaders are facing challenges during rapidly changing times, pandemics, and other unexpected and unknown events. Their teams rely on them to assign tasks clearly and follow through successfully. In this eLearning scenario, frontline leaders will learn to overcome their uncertainties and doubts. They will be more confident leaders.  

Who Should Do That? - Topics covered:
  • Describe Assignment
  • Identify Boundaries
  • Establish Communication Requirements
  • Provide Support
  • Monitor and Review
 7 Micro Scenarios

This eLearning scenario allows the learners to go through seven micro scenarios. They may review a story and make decisions. They will learn from the feedback and insights. Handling the following concerns:

“I Do It Best” - “No Longer Needed” - “Outperform Me” - “Can’t Lose Control” - “Won’t Do It Right” - “People Will Think…”  -“Didn’t Work Before”

Detailed Applications and References 

Learners learn by applying ideas using the following references, applications, and resources:
  • Application Planning Worksheet
  • Tips on What and When to Delegate
  • 5 Steps to Successful Delegation
  • Development Path

Learning Experience Specifications
An eLearning course in Storyline 

90-Minute Learning Seat Time

Self-Learning Scenarios

Story Characters’ Audio

Story Characters’ Photos

Self-Learning Applications, Tips, Worksheets, and References
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Implementations and Options
  • Download the storyline source file and publish the eLearning scenarios in your LMS.  Share the course with your company’s employees/ associates
  • Classroom sessions - using the scenarios for discussions and use worksheets for group exercises
  • Webinars - use the scenarios in Zoom or Adobe Connect share screen and use questions from the worksheets and references
You can change the logo and add your own content, references, and company policies. You need to work with Storyline or your Storyline developer to add the items.

Properties and License
You are prohibited to revise the core of the scenario without written approval from Vignettes Learning. You are prohibited to sell, lease, or give away the courses to other companies. They should only be delivered to employees of the company who purchased the scenarios.
Length of License

You have three years to use the eLearning Scenario. After that period you are required to stop using the program. Within that period you can train as many employees as you wish.