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This benefit is available to MembershipPLUS TrainingMagNetwork members.
The New Role of L&D 
Building A Smarter Learning Ecosystem 

A 3 session online workshop for trainers, designers, facilitators, leaders, and for those who desire to adopt new modern methods in learning and design.  Access the recordings and resources for free - Building a Smarter Learning Ecosystem registration is free to Standard Level members a $595 value.

Workshop Benefits
  • Gain knowledge and skills in new roles
  • Receive a new framework for L&D
  • Access to multiple templates and checklists
  • Registered participants will have access to the 3 live dynamic sessions and the recordings
  • Develop an action plan tailored to your L&D 

The Challenge for L&D Practitioners

People learn without training. What?! It's true! Formal training is only a small part of an organization's complex learning ecosystem. The majority is made up of informal learning channels that L&D often doesn't support and may not even know about. During this series of intensive online workshops, you'll explore the components of a modern learning ecosystem.
  • Discover how these components work together to empower employees and solve business problems.
  • Practice designing solutions to common performance challenges using the Modern Learning Ecosystem Framework. 
  • Walk away with practical ideas that will help you start shifting your approach to learning so that you can meet the needs of today's employees at the pace of business disruption.
Session 1
Explore the Modern Learning Ecosystem

We dig into how the workplace has evolved and what that means for today's learning professionals. 
  • Discuss realities of modern business that are shifting employee expectations of L&D
  • Compare workplace learning to everyday problem-solving behaviors
  • Discover a new framework for addressing learning and performance challenges
Session 2
Design for the Modern Learning Ecosystem

We work through a series of common performance challenges using the Modern Learning Ecosystem Framework. 
  • Take a results-first approach to learning solution design
  • Apply learning science principles as the foundation of your learning strategy
  • Develop targeted solutions using familiar tactics and a blended approach
Session 3
Make the Shift to a Modern Learning Ecosystem

We discuss the steps you can take to introduce a modern learning ecosystem perspective within your organization.
  • Learn how to influence your peers and stakeholders to shift their perspective on learning in the workplace
  • Uncover the skills L&D pros need to thrive within a modern learning ecosystem
  • Create your action plan for applying what you've learned during this workshop series in your everyday work

All Sessions - Time: (One hour sessions)

This benefit is available to MembershipPLUS TrainingMagNetwork members.

Workshop Fee

Access the recordings & resources for free Building a Smarter Learning Ecosystem is free to MembershipPLUS members or higher a $595 value.

This dynamic workshop was in 3 weekly discovery, conversational and experiential method online sessions.  With a MembershipPLUS level TMN membership for $95, you'll receive all additional benefits of our MembershipPLUS level membership!

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