Speaker: Anita Greenland

Anita Greenland is the VP of Client Experience at The Brooks Group, where she brings 25+ years of customer service, sales, sales management, and sales training experience. In her role, Anita partners across the organization with service, implementation, facilitator management, and senior leadership to identify the most critical areas of focus which will improve overall experience for every client.

Anita’s greatest desire is to help training participants achieve those “Aha” moments. She achieves this by overseeing the Client Experience department and a team of highly qualified, effective facilitators.

Anita uses her many years of sales and sales management experience, along with her own training and facilitation expertise to coach and develop TBG facilitators to deliver customized training programs that get results.


  • Full Name
    Anita Greenland
  • Job Title
    VP of Client Experience, The Brooks Group


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