7 Better Principles for Designing and Delivering Video-based Learning


Dave dumler june 2018
Head of Product Evangelism and Product Management, Panopto
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CEO, Cinecraft Productions
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For many, the need to train employees using video has dramatically grown in importance. But for those being asked to implement it, video training can present challenges winning the support of stakeholders and producing learning that is performance-focused. 
In this webinar, we’ll peel away the complex layers that can prevent you from achieving high-performance results. We’ll focus on what’s preventing you from creating better-performing content and show the best practices for using video to quickly scale and further improve content performance.
You’ll learn about a scorecard application designed to help you evaluate your learning project through every phase. The scorecard is based on 7 Better Learning Principles that have specific performance-focused attributes and a rating scale for each principle. After rating all five you’ll receive feedback on how your learners will respond to your course. Then use a combination of scorecard and video analytics to demonstrate the merits of a performance-focused solution with your stakeholders.

During this session, you will learn:
  • Identify 7 principles for creating better learning and define their attributes.
  • How to produce better performing content by applying the 7 Better Learning Principles Scorecard 
  • Using the scorecard and video analytics to gain support from your most important stakeholders
  • Best practices for how to use video to scale and improve your content 

About Dave Dumler

Dave Dumler heads Product Evangelism at Panopto. His mission is to help professionals understand how video can be used to improve employee training and organizational produc, Panopto sales roles at a variety of companies, including a key stakeholder role at Microsoft.

About Dan Keckan

Dan Keckan is CEO of Cinecraft Productions an award-winning custom learning company in Cleveland, Ohio and author of the “7 Better Learning Principles” book. He leads a team of amazing designers, developers and video producers that help organizations create authentic, relevant and effective learning. The organizations he works with include The Sherwin-Williams Company, Hyatt Hotels and Ace Hardware to name a few. His expertise includes designing effective learning strategies and aligning the strengths of different modalities with the actual skill or behavior to be demonstrated. Dan and his team have won dozens of awards including Brandon Hall, DemoFest’s “Best in Show” and the International eLearning Awards.  Finally, you can usually find Dan at L&D conferences around the United States offering tips, tricks and tools for designing effective simulations.

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