Microlearning Mini Masterclass


Ellen burns johnson
Senior Learning Experience Designer, Allen Interactions
Brent gwisdalla
Studio Executive and Senior Learning Experience Strategist, Allen Interactions
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Everyone knows that microlearning is short, but brevity is only one element that makes microlearning so appealing to users and learners everywhere. Other elements include the learner’s context—how and when they engage with the material—and hyper-focused, curated content. Finding the right balance is difficult—sometimes it means kicking your instructional design process up a notch. We’ll share principles and practices to help your microlearning evolve.

In this webinar, you will:
  • Review key principles for designing great microlearning
  • Explore microlearning examples
  • Test drive the principles in a short “lab”

About Ellen Burns-Johnson

Ellen has crafted the instructional strategy and learning experience design for dozens of initiatives, including such diverse topics as hospitality software, elder abuse prevention, corporate compliance, early childhood classroom safety, and medical adhesives. Her clients have included nonprofits, government agencies and multiple Fortune 500 companies.

A highly collaborative person, Ellen delights in bringing people together to tackle big learning challenges. Her e-learning experiences have won multiple awards for interactivity and game-based design.

About Brent Gwisdalla

Brent Gwisdalla is a Studio Executive and Senior Learning Experience Strategist for Allen Interactions. He has architected countless learning experiences and led projects across a broad spectrum of content areas. For over 25 years, Brent has worked in all phases of instructional design, talent development, e-Learning, and blended training solutions using almost every media imaginable along the way.

He holds a master’s degree in instructional design from Western Michigan University and is one of five instructors teaching the e-Learning Instructional Design Certificate program for the Allen Academy. Brent has published articles on instructional design in industry journals and is a visiting lecturer on training and performance management at the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. An insatiable learner himself, Brent is fascinated by brain science, human development, and behavioral psychology.

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