How to Scale Learning and Development Using On-Demand Video


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Are you like many instructional designers and trainers who are being asked to meet the growing training needs of hundreds of employees and customers? Even if your team is able to support this increased demand, they likely won't have adequate time to close the loop and analyze the effectiveness of the content you meticulously crafted. This can lead to a slippery slope, wherein teams continuously create and share training content without knowing the true impact on their audience. 

Scalability was an initial challenge for the small, yet mighty learning and development team at Lash Group.  As the team endeavored to create both short and long-term training strategies, they quickly realized their customers and call center employees needed to find training content immediately while on the job.  Previous reliance on job aids and in-person trainings were no longer satisfying this need.

Join Panopto's Dill Hasan along with Amanda Kruysman and Kellie Gillenwater, Training Design Manager and Director of Learning Strategy, respectively, at Lash Group, and discover:
  • Why on-demand video is the key to unlocking your scalability challenges
  • Why your LMS may not be the ideal place to host all your training content
  • How to gain buy-in from business leaders on the importance and impact of training with on-demand video
  • How to encourage the use of video for communication and training organically through word of mouth

About Dalnaz Hasan

Dalnaz Hasan is a senior video evangelist at Panopto. She has worked in the video space for a few years supporting both businesses and higher education institutions to find innovative and scalable ways to solve communication and training challenges with video. Her mission is to empower individuals with all the resources they need to successfully leverage emerging technology for communication and training. In her free time, she enjoys reading, baking desserts, and leading Zumba classes, in that order!

About Kellie Gillenwater

Kellie leads the Learning & Performance team and drives the learning strategy for Lash Group. Kellie earned her B.S. from Franklin University and MBA with a concentration in leadership from Tiffin University. She currently lives in Columbia, SC but hails from the great state of Ohio. She began her learning and development career over 25 years ago delivering training, moving into managing instructional design, then setting strategic direction for enterprise learning in the financial services industry. She moved into healthcare working on organizational design before joining Lash Group. She is naturally curious and an eternal learner, inspiring others’ success through growth and development. Kellie loves spending time with her family, camping and baking.

About Amanda Kruysman

Amanda Kruysman (she/her) is the Manager of Design for Learning & Performance at Lash Group. Amanda holds a B.A. from Clemson University and an M.Ed in Learning Design & Technology from Purdue University. She currently resides outside of Charlotte, NC not far from her hometown. She began her professional career in K12 education and transitioned to Instructional Design in 2017 after diving deeper into her passion around creating engaging and innovative learning experiences. She is a problem-solver by nature and focuses on the learner experience in all aspects of design. She is particularly interested in micro-learning and the use of video and e-learning to deliver effective and meaningful learning solutions. Amanda is married to her husband of 9 years, and loves to spend time with their three children outdoors, doing yoga, or cooking.

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