4 Workplace Learning Trends All L&D Professionals Should Consider
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As the professional landscape evolves and organizations are beginning to finally take action towards the future, many need ways to support their teams safely and efficiently not only during the transition, but for the longer term.

Dive into the four key workplace learning trends you should be aware of in 2021 and how they impact your approach to your current learning programs looking ahead.

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Now more than ever, learning managers are required to build training programs that are agile, adaptable, and scalable in order to effectively support employees in today’s professional landscape. Although many organizations are slowly returning to a sense of normalcy and resuming business operations full force, many policies, procedures, and even workplace cultures have been redefined or are still being redefined, and it’s crucial your teams feel prepared and supported as your company evolves.

That said, your previous learning initiatives might pale in comparison to what your organization needs today in order to educate, support, and empower employees and ensure a confident and competent team. Regardless of the new challenges your organization might be addressing, a solid training program can provide learners with the information they need to safely perform their duties, connect with team members, and drive your organization on the right path - to sustained performance and success.

Join us as we explore how to optimize your online training approach and leverage the solutions available within the eLearning market. 

During the session, we’ll discuss:
  • Where we are and where we’re headed - the trends we’re seeing and what’s expected in the future professional learning landscape
  • The elements of a streamlined, organized, and engaging learning ecosystem
  • Ways to leverage cutting-edge tools and solutions to scale your training programs for the long-term, while providing the most engaging and impactful content for your learners

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