Speaker: Ira Ozer

Ira Ozer is an enterprise engagement expert who helps companies improve the engagement and productivity of their employees, salespeople, channel partners and consumers.  Ira assesses and consults on the complete range of integrated services necessary to improve performance, including engagement assessments, incentive, recognition, innovation, wellness and meetings program design, training, communications, engagement technology, ROI analytics and more.

Ira has been a leader in the performance improvement industry for more than 25 years, having held senior leadership, sales and marketing posts at companies including Sony, USMotivation, Meridian and BI Worldwide. Ira has led teams of specialists to manage a variety of engagement programs for major U.S. and global companies. Ira is passionate about creating highly engaged and innovative sales-driven cultures that drive growth and productivity.

Ira holds a B.A in Economics from Rutgers University and his industry designations include Certified Professional of Incentive Management (CPIM), Certified Recognition Professional (CRP), Certified Innovation Trainer and Certified Engagement Professional (CEP).


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    Ira Ozer
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