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Transform Your Talent Into Star Performers Using Training Games

Your employees are distracted, burnt out and overwhelmed! But you need to train. Games are the solution. Gamified training engages learners, increases attention, improves confidence and, ultimately, drives success. The Game Agency has invited Harry Friedman, Emmy® Award-winning Executive Producer of Jeopardy!Ⓡ and Wheel of Fortune to discuss how the Jeopardy! format is perfect for assessing knowledge. Christina Lorenzo of CHEST will demonstrate how she uses simulation games to train pulmonologists.

How Artificial Intelligence is Taking Over Your Training Program

We\'ve heard stories about how artificial intelligence is taking over all kinds of industries, from legal to aerospace. Fear not, the Jetsons aren\'t about to fly off with your training department. But there are some ways that AI can help you deliver a more customized, curated learning experience to your employees.

Helping Themselves - Giving Employees the Right Development Tools

Instructure commissioned The Harris Poll to conduct research among Employees and HR decision-makers to better understand the employee development landscape - what employees seek in a potential employer, what motivates them to move in their careers and what tools and resources will make them successful. The results discussed in this summary are based on two surveys conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Instructure – one among HR decision-makers and one among employees – both administered online to those in the United States.

Product Demo: 5 Features for Building a Learner-Centric Program

When building a learning program, we often see companies skip a crucial step - getting to know their learners. Understanding your learners on a more personal level goes beyond knowing their strengths, weaknesses, and daily tasks. To take personal development to the next level, learning professionals must understand their employees\' career goals, and align those goals to career paths with a learning platform that supports individual growth and long-term success.

Master Trainer: Co-Creating Authentically and Effectively

As an introduction to a more robust process, this webinar will open up discussion with questions like: Who do you envision yourself being as a trainer? What paths will lead you to mastery? What contributions will you make to yourself as well as your stakeholders as an educator? What are your personal goals as a trainer and how do they map to your goals as an employee?

5 Traits of a Great Workplace

Welcome to the “5 Traits of a Great Workplace Description” video lesson designed to outline the key traits to an outstanding workplace—meaningful mission, fulfilling work, positive culture, people focus, and transparent communication. This lesson describes how each of these traits should be implemented in the workplace and why they contribute to a desirable workplace. The lesson also shows how companies ultimately benefit from cultivating a great workplace.

Looking Beyond Job Performance: The Art of Talent Spotting

Being able to assess employee performance is critical, but are you also articulating clear expectations for their advancement? Talent spotting is all about identifying potential over performance. In this white paper, get answers to questions like: What is talent spotting and why is it so important to get it right? How can hiring managers and HR departments get talent spotting right? What it takes for talent spotting to be successful?

5 Reasons Your Training Videos Don't Belong On YouTube

You wouldn\'t trust YouTube with a video that held your personal credit card information. But right now, a quick YouTube search turns up 815,000 videos for "internal meeting," 310,000 more for "product roadmap," and 168,000 for "confidential training". Hopefully, none of those are yours.

Mindset Scaffolding: The Art of Changing Their Mind (First 3 Chapters)

CHAPTER 1. CHANGING THEIR MIND? In my work over the last twenty years, I have observed a disturbing truth, supported by data. Most traditional professional development doesn’t work. There is very little change in habits, behaviors, perceptions, practice, or outcomes of participants. An Example. In 2016, there was a series of articles that touted the EEOC research that sexual harassment training is ineffective and may actually be harmful. What was fascinating is that there was no discussion of how the training was done. What was the content? How was it delivered? What were the expected outcomes? How many designs and presentation models were utilized? None of those questions were answered in any of the articles I read. Click below to download the First 3 Chapters of the Book.

Mindset Scaffolding: Training to Diverse Brains

Participants come with vast experiences, vast diversity in how their brains work. How do we tailor to each of them, deliver specifically designed content for how their brain learns? Mindset Scaffolding does all that and more.

Preparing your Workforce for Digital Transformation

Ready or not – digital transformation is here. Read this eBook to discover the talent development best practices you – and your people – need in order to future-proof your organization while putting your people in the driver\'s seat of their own experience. You\'ll gain insights into: Determining your organization\'s level of digital transformation preparedness Coaching strategies to prep your workforce for digital transformation How to champion a culture of learning to enable ongoing employee skill development

Measure Training ROI Using Microlearning and Workflow Strategies

ROI of Training and Learning has been a contentious source of debate in the L&D industry. There are those who propose elaborate and expensive methods to capture measurements of training impacts while others are content with the smiley sheets to gauge the “happiness” of learners. The fundamental problem with both approaches is that the metrics are historical views and do not help workers impact work. The measurements are for administrators and not for the workers and learners.

Using Chatbots to Engage, Support, and Inform Your Learning Audience

You can\'t be available to provide coaching and feedback 24/7, but an intelligent chatbot can! All over the world, people are using artificial intelligence to manage their bank accounts, book travel, and find great products, so why not use this same technology to help people learn new skills and advance their careers? You might have already considered using artificial intelligence to bring the “wow factor” to your next project, but it can sound like a complicated and expensive endeavor—especially for your first time.

Content-based Learning VS. Action-based Learning

Online training is broken, with next to no engagement, poor completion rates — and you can forget about ROI. To get the learning outcomes you\'re after, you need to make sure learners move from a passive mindset to an active one. Instead of just reading information or watching videos, learners need to take action. Shifting from content-based training to action-based training can increase your training engagement and completion rates by more than 2,000%. This infographic outlines the benefits of action-based learning and how it can help create greater impact.

Demonstrating the ROI in Leadership Development

"Met police accused of wasting £10m on leadership development training programme as crime soars." This front-page, headline news on the London Telegraph sparked a flurry of concerns about how London\'s metropolitan police were allocating resources, given the needs of the community. This type of concern is not isolated to London. Organizations worldwide spend billions on leadership development; yet, for many organizations, little evidence exists that those investments are paying off.

Why Tuition Assistance is a Benefit Employers Can’t Afford to Ignore

In today’s tight labor market with many hiring managers bemoaning the war for talent, organizations must be extremely competitive in the employee benefits they offer. Roy Skillicorn, senior director of learning and development for Cisco, and a Capella University School of Business and Technology Advisory Board member, shares his thoughts on trends in tuition assistance, how organizations benefit by offering such programs, and the risks they face if they don’t.

2019 Learning and Development Global Sentiment Survey

How are your plans for learning technologies in 2019 looking? If you think there’s too much noise out there, and not enough hard fact, you’re not alone. Since 2014, the Learning & Development (L&D) Global Sentiment Survey, sponsored by OpenSesame and conducted by Donald H Taylor, Chair of the Learning and Performance Institute, has asked L&D professionals across the globe: “What do you think will be hot in L&D next year?” Use the results of this year\'s survey to uncover what’s really happening in learning technology to help you plan your L&D strategies for 2019 and beyond, based on hard numbers and sound analysis. 

Training Success Story

Like many organizations, Consumers Credit Union was struggling to make their employee training program approachable, convenient, engaging, and affordable. Employees struggled to fit training into their day. The nature of their work made it difficult for them to plan to attend long training sessions, so they knew they needed to find a solution that would allow their employees to take training when their schedules allowed. They also wanted to be sure that when their employees did have time for training that the training was engaging and effective. Consumers Credit Union found that BizLibrary\'s microlearning video library was the perfect solution. It allowed their employees to watch short, engaging videos in between customers or during downtime. Because the concepts are delivered in short, digestible pieces, employees not only retain more of what they learn, they are able to apply it right away. Consumers Credit Union was able to see the results of their training initiatives across their organization. Not only did employee satisfaction improve, they saw an increase in their member rating and cut onboarding costs substantially. They also exceeded the industry standard satisfaction rating! With the right planning and strategy, Consumers Credit Union was able to address challenges they faced in the areas of leadership, new managers, and sales. In this success story, you\'ll see the unique approach Consumers Credit Union took that made their program so successful. You\'ll also learn: How Consumers Credit Union measures the success of their program Specifics on the ROI of their training efforts How BizLibrary\'s solution helped improve their performance review process

How to Create Game-Changing Front Covers For Your Presentations

When presenting, it\'s imperative that you grab your audience\'s attention right from the beginning, even before saying a single word. One of the best ways anyone can do this by designing a jaw-droppingly beautiful front cover. After all, a front cover is the very first slide that anyone\'s going to see - it pretty much sets the tone for the entire presentation, and give a strong indication on how great your talk is going to be!

Accelerate Experience: How to Implement an Experience-Based Learning System

Experience-Based Learning Systems (Experience Systems) is not your typical LMS which is mainly for publishing and tracking learning activities. Some companies add social learning, adaptive learning, XAPI and others to update the “core” LMS system. But this only goes so far. LMSs are directly in conflict with Experience Systems. Experience Systems start from working and gaining experience - not learning by memorizing or viewing content in VR (Virtual Reality). It helps workers accelerate the process of gaining experience and the transfer of expertise to others.

Repurposing & Upgrading Your Legacy Content for Today's eLearning Courses

Getting started in eLearning can present a substantial challenge for those who have only done face to face training in the past. If you or your organization are faced with the challenge of shifting from a traditional training solution to an online training program, there are some amazing tools in Adobe Captivate to help you quickly become a rock star eLearning course developer, simply by adding a few simple Adobe Captivate authoring skills to your already created training materials.

The Trouble with Money: Non-cash Rewards and Engagement

Did you know that depending on how it is used, money and other cash-based awards could actually negatively impact your engagement strategies? This presentation combines scientific studies and examples to show the way that rewards, recognition, program design, and communications should be properly used to stimulate activity and engagement.

7 Things You Need to Know About Camtasia to Be Successful

Sure, Camtasia makes screen recording and video editing easy, but there are a few tips and tricks that can really help you stand out.

Using Engagement Principles to Increase Training Effectiveness

During this webinar we will cover the principles of Self-Determination Theory and the research-based principles of Enthusiastic Employees, exploring the differences in engagement from onboarding and throughout employee careers.
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