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Becoming a great communicator, leader, and manager, is heavily reliant on soft skills like emotional intelligence, time management, listening, adaptability - and more. Soft skills can be trained in the same way that hard skills can - and soft skills are applicable in any position. Learn everything you need to know about soft skills training in our new infographic!
Are you looking to bring on a microlearning solution in 2024? With more options than ever, how do you know if you’re making the right investment for your organization? The top solutions available today have a few key features in common. This checklist will help guide you in selecting the best fit for your organization’s needs and ensure your choice employs the principles of true, scientifically proven microlearning.
In this fast-paced world, speed to market is paramount, and having employees with strong communication skills has emerged as a fundamental requirement for an organization's success. With the rise of AI combined with coaching, organizations are achieving better results in record time. Proven use cases, including sales enablement, compliance training, customer service, and more, demonstrate that organizations quickly hit their KPIs by relying on AI-based video and audio learning platforms. This highly scalable strategy surmounts common training challenges and surpasses traditional learning methods. Download this eBook to learn how training with AI features upskills workers faster and more affordably. See how employees get the most out of solo practice with AI and a more personalized learning experience. 
The AI revolution in Learning & Development is well underway. AI technologies such as Generative AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing enable more dynamic content creation, adaptive learning paths, and efficient knowledge management. This white paper is for all audiences, from AI-novice to AI-pro! Learn about the 5 key steps to incorporating AI in your L&D, including ethical AI use. Next, jump into 3 case studies from companies who've leveraged tremendous L&D success with AI. Finally, get set to embrace AI in L&D with 5 easy tips and tricks. Download this eBook to help you redefine the boundaries of L&D and make the most of what AI has to offer.
Four Ways to Calculate Return on Investment (ROI) for the Brain Aware® Leader Training The Brain Aware® Leader a science- based learning solution that gives managers the critical skills they need to drive success. Demonstrating business value is part of your job as a talent professional. Leadership teams are craving data, but measuring the impact of training can be diffi cult. These calculators can help you estimate the various ways that poor management skills are costing your organization, demonstrating the urgency for and value of leader training. Use this information to more effectively communicate how investing in your managers aligns with important business goals. 
Today’s workforce is always on the move. This tendency toward motion can liberate or demoralize employees, depending on how and why it occurs.   According to Dr. Edie Goldberg, an expert in the future of work and talent management, one of the key ways organizations can ensure their people remain happy is to provide them with the mobility they need to grow within their current workplace. Otherwise, their only option is to start looking for brighter horizons elsewhere. With the right tools and opportunities, you can keep talent engaged and excited about growth within your company. After all, it’s easy to stay right where you are when you feel like you have the entire world at your fingertips. Download this new eBook, co-authored by Cornerstone and Dr. Goldberg, and see how to grow your people and organization to creatively conquer the business challenges of tomorrow.
High employee turnover, low engagement, poor evaluation methods… you've definitely faced some of these challenges at your company. Check out this guide to find out how eLearning can address them.
Let’s face it. In order for organizations to thrive in the present, they’ve got to get ready for the future. With technological innovations coming down the pike at light speed and customer desires changing by the day, your company needs the right skills to succeed. But this doesn’t have to be daunting or scary. To navigate this challenging terrain, you just have to invest in your most valuable asset — your people — and enable them to develop and refine their skills continually. In this eBook, we’ll explore how skill development isn’t only essential for your organization to flourish on a holistic level but also a key driver of individual employee satisfaction and engagement. When you tie this sort of development to regular performance dialogues, you’ll help your people achieve growth beyond their and your wildest dreams. You’ll also find actionable strategies and best practices for organizations seeking to create new skill development programs or enhance their current ones. By weaving upskilling and reskilling into continuous performance management conversations, you can lay a solid foundation for success in the future of work.
Are your employees fired up and passionate about compliance? For most HR professionals - that answer is unfortunately no. It can be difficult to change workplace perceptions about compliance and compliance training. Luckily, BizLibrary has written the book (a playbook that is) on creating a culture of compliance with email templates, content recommendations, and best practices for success. It doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle - BizLibrary has got your back! Download our Creating a Culture of Compliance playbook today.
Unlike traditional learning modalities, a microlearning platform enables employees to complete compliance training in the flow of work.  In this discussion paper, Darci Hall, Chief Learning Officer at Providence Health, discusses why her organization adopted microlearning for compliance training and how the switch has made learning programs more accessible to the enterprise. The paper also highlights further ROI of their investment, including an increase in employee productivity and significant cost savings. Get your free copy!
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