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Creating and updating a resilient learning strategy requires ongoing attention and care. Thoughtful learning leaders are in constant pursuit of ways to create "stickiness" around L&D. They look to make learning opportunities that serve both the learner and the broader goals of the organization. As these programs mature, strategy takes center stage when considering possible refinements, measurements, and advanced and nuanced programs. Well-designed L&D programs can do amazing things for employee engagement levels as they welcome opportunities to develop skills and knowledge. Learning initiatives are always evolving, like a flowing river. What worked for a company a year ago may no longer be the most effective approach due to changing goals, conditions, and methodology. Ensuring that learning programs are relevant to the company’s reality requires an ongoing dialog with the key stakeholders. This eBook dives into common experiences that learning leaders may have as their learning programs mature. (This eBook is the second of a 3-part series that examines the early and middle and ongoing stages of using an LMS and the roles that stakeholders in learning can play in the process.) In this eBook, we look at ways that learning leaders might adjust their learning strategy around development, deployment, and measurement as their programs mature. Topics include: Assessment of 1st year L&D goals Gathering feedback Crafting a plan for ongoing content acquisition Utilizing subject matter experts Program alignment
Existing and emerging text-to-video AI tools are making it easier than ever to create video content. And they’re only getting better.  In this guide, you’ll get a look at the types of tools that exist now and what’s coming soon, the leading players, and the benefits of text-to-video generators. The guide provides answers these questions: What is text-to-video AI software and how can I use it? What are some examples of this software and their strengths/weaknesses? What’s the benefit of using these tools for work? What’s next for text-to-video generators?
Today’s workforce is always on the move. This tendency toward motion can liberate or demoralize employees, depending on how and why it occurs. According to Dr. Edie Goldberg, an expert in the future of work and talent management, one of the key ways organizations can ensure their people remain happy is to provide them with the mobility they need to grow within their current workplace. Otherwise, their only option is to start looking for brighter horizons elsewhere. With the right tools and opportunities, you can keep talent engaged and excited about growth within your company. After all, it’s easy to stay right where you are when you feel like you have the entire world at your fingertips. Download this new eBook, co-authored by Cornerstone and Dr. Goldberg, and see how to grow your people and organization to creatively conquer the business challenges of tomorrow.
Effective learning strategies can supercharge business performance — but success starts with understanding the 'how' of learning. With responses from 1,262 managers and 1,238 non-managers in eight countries, our fourth edition of How the Workforce Learns assesses in-depth how real people are learning today. Dive into insights about what motivates your team's learning, popular content consumption habits, and four fundamental strategies to catalyze business growth.
A solid learning management system (LMS) helps businesses streamline corporate training, thus driving business results. But choosing the right vendor may be a daunting process that takes a lot of time and effort. The difficulty lies not only in the fact that there are tons of solutions in the market. You also have to consider a lot of aspects before you decide, including features, ease of use, costs, and your own business objectives. In this eBook, we’ll try to ease the stress of decision-making by offering a range of practical tips on how to choose an LMS. You can also leverage the free package of templates and checklists that are downloaded together with this guide to make the process even easier. We hope all this will help you pick a solution that best suits your business needs and is aligned with your budget and priorities.
Contrary to the old adage, leaders are made - they're not just born! Leadership development is one of the most pressing issues companies are facing today. According to research by DDI, 88% of companies believe that they don't have a deep leadership bench to pull from when the occasion calls for it. This can be a culmination of many business and L&D challenges such as lack of succession planning, skill gaps, and more. Organizations need a solid leadership development program to turn the learners of today into the leaders of tomorrow. BizLibrary lays out a Leadership Development program checklist in our handy infographic - Building Your Leadership Development Program.
According to Gallup’s 2022 survey, 68% of full- and part-time employees working for organizations are not fully engaged in their work. What can organizations and HR professionals to do motivate, engage, and retain their employees? One approach is to use a Talent Management Life Cycle. This model helps employees become clear about their developmental needs and growth goals, which means employers are better equipped to meet those needs and keep their people engaged. To learn more about this model and how to implement it, download Cycles of Success by Nicole Trapasso, Vice President, HR/OD for The Myers-Briggs Company.
For product pitches and sales, speed to market is everything. When organizations combine video-based practice with AI, employees get real-time feedback in addition to mentor coaching. Reducing the time needed to upskill means reaching sales goals faster.   Find out how organizations implement these winning training techniques to improve communication skills - even when their mentors are busy! Highlights include: Use cases for using AI-based video coaching How learners get the most out of solo practice How AI evaluates non-verbal communication skills  And more!
Many small and medium-sized businesses encourage learning through Tuition Assistance Programs (TAPs) and other forms of education reimbursement. Yet, it’s not uncommon for funds in those programs to go unused — but why? TAPs and other reimbursement-style stipends aren’t equitable for all employees, especially for those who are financially constrained. The benefit becomes a barrier, slowing your workforce’s ability to upskill, adapt and grow. It’s time to reimagine this outdated model with prepaid learning stipends. Based on our experience, this kind of program can increase fund usage by 8 times, while still providing detailed expense monitoring for managers. Download our eBook to learn more about the impacts prepaid learning stipends could have on your workforce.
ChatGPT is proving to be a powerful tool for professionals producing employee and marketing communications—but using it effectively takes some practice. That’s why we created a new guide: How to Use ChatGPT to Create Great Business Video Scripts: 20 Prompts and Editing Advice for L&D, HR and Sales. In it, you'll get: Clarity on the pros and cons of using ChatGPT to make video scripts 20 ChatGPT prompts to help you generate a solid first draft Tips from Vyond writers and producers on making ChatGPT’s draft more relevant to your audience An annotated ChatGPT script makeover And…much more!
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