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Ready to uncover the hidden force that's impacting performance at your organization? This report offers insights and actionable recommendations for transforming your organizational culture into one that thrives under any market conditions.
How can you use psychology to unlock exceptional leadership? Download the Psychology of Leadership. This ebook dives into the core essence of leadership and social psychology, exploring essential concepts such as active self-awareness, inclusive leadership, and the power of genuine connection. In addition, you’ll learn how leaders can better navigate the intricate dynamics of motivation for both themselves and their teams. The Psychology of Leadership ebook also shares valuable insights for into effective change management strategies, essential for steering your teams and organization through evolving landscapes. Whether you're an executive, HR professional, or manager looking to strengthen your leadership skill set, this is your guide to developing the leadership prowess needed to thrive in today's dynamic business environment and meaningfully understand, connect with, and motivate your people.
Research shows that pairing information with an activity can boost learning retention and create stronger engagement. However, we understand that it can be pretty time consuming to research activities all of the time! That’s why we’ve collected some of our favorites in this Mega Training Activity Guidebook. Check out some our favorite activities for New Managers, Onboarding, DE&I, and more!  Learners who participate in these activities are more likely to retain skills and information such as:   Delegation   Time Management   Active Listening   and much more!  Download our Mega Training Activity Guidebook for a full list of activities that strengthen information retention.
Dr. Bev Kaye will be introducing us to her Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em approach on May 29th! It now celebrates its 25th year.  The ideas are designed for you to help your managers hang on to their talent!  If you need some quick tips sooner the article attached might help!
AI is the way of the future. In fact, as you’ll learn in this paper, nearly 97% of L&D survey respondents say their organization is open to using it. But where can AI make the most impact for training teams and what solutions are available today? If these are the questions you’re asking, you’ve come to the right place. Qstream proudly sponsors Training Industry’s report, The AI Advantage in L&D: A Strategic Guide, which offers valuable insights and actionable strategies including: Insight into AI adoption & sentiment across L&D folks A helpful, less scary, explanation of the type of AI that has taken the world by storm The different training functions where AI technology can be leveraged for better results A thorough analysis of AI for training content creation, a top use case Best practices for implementing AI & pitfalls to avoid Download your free report today!
Being a good learning and development leader can mean wearing many hats, and one of those "hats" is often being a good storyteller. That’s because any program initiative, year-end report, or new training roll-out needs to be "sold" to a specific audience. After all, organizational learning is firmly rooted in the persuasion business. Learning leaders should use every resource at their disposal to help craft their story and using learning analytics is no exception. However, knowing how and why to use learning data in their favor can be tricky. This eBook breaks down the 4 elements of any great story and how they typically present themselves in an organizational learning setting. It also suggests useful metrics to study when looking at key analytical data to present and how they might be effective in crafting a learning story. And, finally, the typical audiences for these learning stories are broken down with ways of effectively communicating with each group. In this eBook, we explain how and why learning analytics can help shape the story of learning progress in an organization. Topics include: Identifying the elements of a great story Strategy tips for crafting an L&D story Useful metrics to study for both Push & Pull training methods Ways to reach specific audiences with data Potential dangers to avoid with data reporting
An in-depth study by Google looked at the 8 traits deemed most important for employees to possess. 7 out of those 8 were soft skills. Soft skills can be difficult to teach, but should be explored, practiced, and learned through trial and error—which makes gamified learning the perfect vehicle for soft skills training. Download this eBook to learn how to build scenarios-based branching games to train your workers on soft skills.
Start creating better courses by avoiding common visual design mistakes. In this guide, we've compiled the 15 most common visual design mistakes that instructional designers and eLearning developers encounter in their courses. Explore real-life examples of each issue and equip yourself with our tips on how to avoid and rectify them, enhancing the visual appeal and effectiveness of your courses. Download our guide and learn how to fix: Poor composition Ineffective layout Inappropriate fonts Bad gradients …and eleven other common pitfalls!
Did you know that 33% of new hires quit before they reach six months at their new organization? Onboarding is a vital part of the employee orientation process and can improve retention. New hires need the right tools and information to become a productive member on their team and at the organization. However, for many, onboarding stops after Day 1.  In this infographic, you’ll learn:  How to begin onboarding before an employee’s official start date  What should be done prior to arrival, on the first day, the first week, and the first month of employment  Why onboarding should continue for up to 6 months or more
Learning and development leaders face the perennial challenge with linking learning measurement and broader business objectives. For many organizations, the metrics on learning effectiveness have been for the sake of improving its own process. But L&D doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The impact learning has throughout the organization is increasingly a curiosity for C-suite. In this research summary, more than half of the respondents state that they have linked learning to business outcomes, and as a result, are now seen as a strategic business partner. Simultaneously, nearly half stated that they lack the budget, tools, and time to deliver that level of analysis and map learning activities to business change. This study features market research and surveys that illustrate where a sampling of the L&D industry is succeeding and falling short. Brainier has teamed with The Brandon Hall Group to create this Research Summary. In this research summary, we focus on how organizations can make progress toward deeper analysis of learning objectives and the role they play in driving business impact. Topics include: The current state of learning measurement Complexities to the analytical process Key Questions to consider Strategy suggestions to avoid common mistakes How The Brainier LMS can help
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