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The time and energy company managers spend trying to keep their people focused on results is substantial. In fact, it can be a major resource drain that significantly undermines company performance. Managers must therefore find effective ways to unleash the potential of their people and ensure that they are in sync with their company’s visions and objectives. But how?  Organizational leaders must become empowered to move forward to realize their vision and goals. This can only be done to the extent that they are able to help their employees avoid being focused on themselves. Our aim is to allow them to do this. In this Q&A, we clarify how changing mindset lays the foundation for the productive, accountable, and collaborative behaviors that are essential for a dramatic and sustained improvement in both personal and organizational performance.
Expectations For Year 1 with eLearning Tech There’s something exciting about using new technology. Whether that means solving problems, creating efficiencies, better management, (or all of the above), it’s an exciting and hopeful process. The experience is the same for learning technology. But not all learning leaders have the same expectations for the potential and the processes involved with buying a learning management system. First-time technology buyers may find that there are a million considerations to make and having a solid strategy in place is key. Experienced buyers will bring their knowledge of how important the implementation phase is and how "well begun is half done" can ring true. People often overestimate what they can accomplish in a year but underestimate the progress they can make in 2 to 3 years’ time. This eBook examines what that first year with a learning management system often looks like and ways to measure the success of learning programs right away. This eBook is the first of a 3-part series that examines years 2 and 3 (and beyond) of using an LMS and the roles that stakeholders in learning can play in the process. In this eBook, we focus on things that learning leaders should keep in mind when planning, executing and measuring data from that all-important first year of using an LMS. Topics include: Identifying and prioritizing L&D goals Looking at causes for change Crafting a plan for a successful implementation Collecting meaningful data to measure success Strategy suggestions to avoid common mistakes How to share progress and victories with key people in the organization
Creating an effective, engaging eLearning course requires more than pretty pictures and fancy animations. You need a solid foundation of instructional design and the right tool to make your vision a reality. But how do you know which tool is right for you? This eBook breaks down authoring tool features into 10 easily digestible considerations—with comparison charts focusing on the top 3 authoring tools! Download now to discover which authoring tool will help you create the best learning experiences and get the best results!
Times are changing and skills are becoming obsolete faster than organizations can keep up with. This challenge gives learning and development teams a unique opportunity to make a clear strategic impact and showcase their value to business performance. In this eBook, you'll learn core strategies and tactics for an developing an effective upskilling and reskilling program, including how you can tie it into talent development and overall business objectives.
It all starts with your leaders. Investing in them will have direct, positive impacts on the future of your organization. But the rules have changed, you’re busier than ever, and knowing how and where to begin can be like searching in the dark. In this ebook, you’ll find a well-lit path to guide you through understanding what to focus on and how to help your organization succeed in this age of leadership change. Topics you’ll find in this resource include: A case for leadership development How to lead in a time of isolation How to identify high-potentials and new managers and how this helps to plan for succession How to guide experienced managers and c-suite executives to continue leading through learning What leadership training looks like now and how we can help
Building critical skills is the number one worry for growth company leaders. And now in the midst of a recession, HR and L&D leaders are expected to close this gap with even fewer resources than before. Find out how.
In today’s corporate training world, speed to competency is everything. So how do you get workers to master communication skills, prove proficiency, and pick up knowledge in record time? Deliberate practice, with documented feedback, using the power of video.  When you combine the best elements of mentorship and self-paced learning with the convenience of smartphones and modern technology, your employees can record themselves from anywhere, get feedback, and document their progress.   Download this eBook to find out how video-based practice and coaching get better outcomes, conquer sales goals, and more —in less time than ever.
Whether it’s local, state, or federal, every business must work by a set of laws and rules concerning hiring, promotions, firing, and other personnel-related matters. Being compliant is critical to any business’ success as it keeps the company from lawsuits, violations, etc. However, keeping up with everything is often easier said than done for HR. In this infographic, you’ll find:  A checklist for an optimal HR compliance program  Review of compliance for top HR topics such as onboarding and hiring practices  Lists of topics for your compliance training program
When creating a learning strategy, it can be difficult to see the whole picture. Individual components like onboarding efforts, compliance training, leadership development, and skills development programs can be complex ordeals, each requiring varying levels of thought. However, simply examining these programs individually can be a costly mistake. Without considering how they belong to the overall learning and development efforts, the strategy can fall apart. Taking a holistic approach might be necessary to protect from some of the inherent risks of training expenditures. As part of best practices, any learning objective should align with the broader business goals. But, beyond that, any training activities should include a clearly defined message of the "what’s in it for me" or WIIFM to the learner. Asking them to commit to the process means knowing what they stand to gain for their efforts. The holistic approach to explaining the WIIFM should include not only the learner, but their team, department, and organization, in general. In this eBook, we focus on how organizations can take a holistic approach to creating upskilling strategies for their learners. Topics include: Why the business climate is right for upskilling initiatives Using learning tech to help the organization adapt and thrive Ongoing challenges learning leaders face with upskilling programs Strategy suggestions to avoid common mistakes How certain industries can win with upskilling programs
If your company is in a hiring freeze or has laid off productive, hard-working team members, you’re probably wondering how you're going to meet your goals. When meeting KPIs and achieving lofty business goals gets even more difficult, finding the right talent to replace missing staff members can be a challenge with slashed budgets. . . . but there are options: project outsourcing, staff augmentation, or a hybrid of both. Because every situation is different, you will want to carefully weigh the pros and cons. We understand that you may have trepidation about outsourcing. We get it. In this eBook, we'll also address 8 of the most common outsourcing fears and how to alleviate them.
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