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Building the organizational culture now appears to be part of the mandate for Learning and Development (L&D) professionals, as how employees feel about working for an organization is perhaps just as valued as improving their knowledge base—particularly as the "Great Resignation" continues to roil the workforce. This white paper looks at the challenges Training Hall of Fame companies are experiencing and the strategies they are developing to design training and development programs and foster the culture that learners, managers, and senior leadership need in order to thrive, regardless of whether they work virtually, in-person, or in a hybrid environment. Having come from the pre-pandemic landscape where options typically were in-person or virtual and talent management, culture building, and L&D were separate functions, we now appear to be in the land of "and" when it comes to the role L&D is expected to play in employee training, development, and engagement.  
Are you considering working with a custom content development shop to help frame your learning strategy, create a curriculum, convert existing training, or simply give you a hand?  Working with the right vendor can deliver extraordinary results—ones that engage learners, drive behavior change and foster a culture of learning in your organization—IF you choose the right partner. Download this free eBook and learn 7 best practices that will help you build a successful partnership and deliver better learning experiences. 
Hybrid learning presents many opportunities for students and educators, alike. However, is your current web conferencing tool up to the task? Are you able to provide accessible, engaging, and personalized learning experiences for all? This ultimate guide for educators is designed to help you overcome common hybrid learning challenges and find the best platform for your organization. We’ll also explore how top-tier learning solutions stand apart from the rest and do away with traditional tools’ limitations.
Finding New Ways To Connect Learners The workforce is still adjusting to the new reality of a changing workplace. Many employees continue to work remotely, or on a hybrid schedule. This further complicates employee collaboration, especially as it relates to learning and development. No matter where an employee starts or ends their workday, the ongoing need for person-to-person collaboration is essential for the organization’s success. Adapting learning and development programs to serve this new workforce is not without its challenges. The creation of engaging learning experiences is no longer a top-down structure, as many employees are choosing to have a say in the process. Individual learners are increasingly creating their own learning content to offer their personal knowledge and experience on how to be successful in their respective roles. Leveraging peer-to-peer learning for all employees requires a modern learning solution that can connect learners despite distance and can accommodate custom content that is highly personalized to the organization. Helping learners find the help they need quickly and contribute to the conversation is an excellent way to boost collaborative learning efforts within the organization. In this eBook, we focus on a few ways to boost collaborative learning programs. Topics include: Responding to Workplace Culture Changes Connecting Mentors to Learners Peer-to-Peer Learning Real-time Collaboration Learning Tech Flexibility in Teams
Today’s business climate presents challenges both new and old. The world of business has truly turned to operating globally around the clock. The velocity of technical innovation is increasing, and businesses struggle to keep up. In this environment, it has become more important for businesses to keep pace with the needs of the customer and be ready to deliver to meet ever-changing requirements. Download this White paper to learn how customer education can help achieve these goals.
In the business world, data analytics is the new superpower that can be wielded to achieve impressive results. It allows companies to do things that were never possible before, like predict customer satisfaction, analyze competitor information and identify fraud. For these reasons it is predicted that by 2023 over 33% of large organizations will utilize data analysts to unlock business intelligence, including decision modeling. 
The Great Resignation is real! Nearly 70% of organizations expect employee turnover to increase over the next 12 months, with only 1% expecting it to decrease. This is despite widespread support for a hybrid work model wherein some employees work on-site and others, remotely. Focusing on upskilling and reskilling the workforce helps address this challenge. By linking skills to business outcomes, it is no longer just Learning & Development pushing for learning programs. These links will drive leadership buy-in that gets the concept of skills pushed throughout the company to support business goals. Explore these concepts further in our newest eBook, "Reskilling and Upskilling to Stop The Great Resignation"
From intake to learning solution delivery and analysis, there are many aspects of the learning operations process you can improve to use your time better and deliver stronger training.   But where should you start? And what will the impact of your efforts be? An L&D (learning and development) audit can reveal the answers when done effectively. You’ll get the following in this toolkit from Cognota (formerly Synapse): A guide about the most impactful aspects of L&D to audit Best practices for making your audit a success An audit planner and progress tracker Templates for final reports, to share your findings
Did you know that VR is getting better results than traditional eLearning for several organizations? From higher retention to improved muscle memory, there are dozens of reasons to embrace VR and there are ways to make it easy! If you are ready to give it a try but unsure how to get started, this eBook guides you through key elements to get your immersive learning project up and running. Highlights include: Where to find inspiration and a strategy for your next project How to get management on board with it How to film and photograph scenes effectively  Lessons learned, mistakes to avoid, common myths, best practices, and MORE!
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