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The rapid evolution of technology and the increase in remote work has transformed the educational landscape, offering innovative platforms for learning and development. Among these, LMSs and LXPs stand out as robust solutions. While both aim to facilitate learning, they differ significantly in their approach, features, and focus. Download this ebook to delve into the key features, benefits, and differences between these two platforms. From personalized learning paths to content creation, we illustrate how these platforms can transform your training initiatives and help you choose the right platform for your business objectives.
Download this special report loaded with additional findings from the study. Plus, you'll get insider tips for executive leaders and middle managers.
Developing a training program has always demanded a serious investment, so the overarching goal of a needs assessment is to give a credible estimate if these investments will pay off and make sure that learning can solve the problem. This template will provide you with spreadsheets that will help you to effectively conduct a needs analysis even if you’re doing it for the first time in your life.
Did you know that 40% of L&D managers reported that they were hoping to learn more about learning trends in 2024? If that’s you - you're in the right place! BizLibrary recently conducted a Trends in Training survey to learn more about what L&D managers' priorities are for the coming year. Interested to know how your peers are planning their 2024 learning programs? Check out our Trends in Training infographic to find out!
Looking to implement microlearning but not sure where to start? Or do you need some help identifying a microlearning use case that will enhance your existing training programs? Either way, we have great news: when it comes to microlearning, the possibilities are nearly endless. This guide shares nine of the top ways organizations are leveraging this science-backed practice to train and develop high-performing employees. From the primary use cases of knowledge reinforcement and assessments to boosting employee engagement and tracking performance, you’ll learn practical strategies you can implement right away to improve training effectiveness!
Conflict often has a bad reputation. But in the workplace, conflict can be incredibly productive. For example, conflict is more likely to occur in diverse teams and organizations where people challenge each other to reach the best solution. By diving into the psychology of conflict, you’ll better understand the people you work with (and for) so that conflict doesn’t cause as much stress. And you’ll learn about the skills and tools to help you better identify, manage, and resolve conflict efficiently. Download Psychology of Conflict in the Workplace to: Learn the three types of conflict in organizations Understand how psychological and physiological factors influence workplace conflict Find out how differences in personality type and interpersonal needs shape conflict behaviors Discover the five conflict-handling modes Determine what changes you can make to better prepare your employees to manage conflict effectively and efficiently
Click below to download this workbook for Bob Kelleher's  60-minute interactive webinar, 7 Tools to Unlock The Engagement of Your Team" where you'll learn the secrets to becoming a more engaged, motivated, and productive person, employee, and if applicable, manager, in this captivating and self-reflective session of self-discovery.  Bob will help managers, execs and leaders learn: How to coach employees to booster their personal engagement How to use polling exercises to get at the ‘undiscussables’ with your team  How to get your employees to go ‘above and beyond’ If you missed the live session, use this workbook in tandem with the On Demand webinar, available after 1/25/24.  Better yet, click here to register and join us for the live session on 1/25.
This template provides a starting point for developing an L&D strategy.  Customize it to meet the specific context, needs, and goals of your organization.
Becoming a great communicator, leader, and manager, is heavily reliant on soft skills like emotional intelligence, time management, listening, adaptability - and more. Soft skills can be trained in the same way that hard skills can - and soft skills are applicable in any position. Learn everything you need to know about soft skills training in our new infographic!
Are you looking to bring on a microlearning solution in 2024? With more options than ever, how do you know if you’re making the right investment for your organization? The top solutions available today have a few key features in common. This checklist will help guide you in selecting the best fit for your organization’s needs and ensure your choice employs the principles of true, scientifically proven microlearning.
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