Prove the value of change with effective tools and measurement to track progress, calibrate, and improve organizational change readiness. Change management is the currency of successful organizations, yet it often fails. The ability to adapt and flourish requires understanding what promotes success and what factors doom change initiatives to fail. Measuring and proving the value of change promotes the future capacity to adapt, transform, and be agile. Why change often doesn't succeed. There are a multitude of pitfalls and dangers inherent in change initiatives. Let's look at some of these further and how to address them.
Get the most out of training by recognizing employees before, during, and after a learning event. The principle of recognition that "You get what you reward" is a universal yet often underused principle in day-to-day management—and the training and development function is no exception. There are many ways that recognition can be used to make the training function more efficient, learning more effective, and the training staff more appreciated. By doing so, you can get the most out of the training investment that’s made in your organization. Click below to download this article.  
What will classrooms of the future be like? Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, learning analytics, artificial intelligence and wearables are paving the way for the future of learning. These promising technologies will change the way we deliver learning and empower us with the data and analytics needed to increase the consumption and efficiency of learning within the law firm. Click below to download this article.
For years, trainers have watched as interest declined in traditional approaches to technology training. Confronted with a changing job market, many still struggle to find their way on a new path. Key skills are required for trainers to increase their value, deliver programs with more impact and engage the modern learner. Click below to download this article.
The education game market continues to grow rapidly, and mobile learning games are the dominant force in this market. Newzoo provides the insights for the generic games market; the Serious Play Conference released its annual report showcasing the huge growth specific to the education and corporate training sector. The compound annual growth rate in the U.S for corporate learning games will be over 20% between 2017 - 2022 and about 35% globally with the U.S. and India being the top two markets for serious gameplay. Newzoo predicts the overall mobile game market across all game types will grow 40% between now and 2020, a significant growth increase. Click below to download this article.
The Strategic Insurance Agency Association is a national alliance of independent insurance agencies dedicated to the creation, retention, growth, and continued success of the independent insurance agency distribution system. Through Moodle by eThink, SIAA was able to create a thriving online university to connect members with shared knowledge and resources.
Carbon Black is a leading security company that detects malicious behavior and helps organizations defend against them. In this case study learn how Carbon Black uses Moodle by eThink to improve efficiencies in onboarding and professional development. With Moodle by eThink, Carbon Black has created a role-based onboarding process, utilizes analytics and reporting for measurable learning, and has a centralized location to organize and easily share market knowledge.
Ixia was in a period of rapid growth through acquisitions. A deeply technical company, it needed to cultivate a stronger leadership bench from cross-functional roles. Chris Williams, senior vice president, human resources, spearheaded the creation of Ixia’s Next Generation Leadership program (NGL) to help future leaders develop business acumen and other skills that complemented their technical expertise. The NGL program would be conducted in three modules over the course of a year. Williams sought a leader in the experiential learning field to provide a business simulation that would form one of the program’s cornerstone modules. 
Experiential Learning 101: Challenge By Choice Trainers, facilitators and program leaders have a tough challenge: what's the best way to engage learners today? Experiential learning presents a highly unique growth opportunity for participants, as well as a tool that program leaders can put to work for them to achieve a specific outcome. See how one type of program -- Challenge By Choice -- combines the best methods of experiential learning and enables people of all capabilities to actively participate. 
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