The Virtual Onboarding Handbook
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Is Your Onboarding Setting Employees Up for Success?

An effective onboarding process boosts productivity, engagement, and retention. When it comes to virtual onboarding, communication and face-to-face interactions with your remote employees are more important than ever.

Download this checklist and eBook to learn the 4 pillars of onboarding and key topic areas to cover, plus get a sample template of a virtual onboarding program, loosely based around a 30-60-90 day structure.

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Jon tota
If you’re considering investing in a new learning platform, obtaining buy-in from the executive team along with an approved budget is a critical first step. But how can you build a business case while mitigating the risk involved in implementing new systems? That’s why you need a Proof of Concept!

When building a business case for a learning platform, there are some basic things you need to cover: justification for why you need one, costs and projected ROI, risks and benefits, options to consider, and numbers to support your argument.

In this hands-on, eye-opening session, Dr. Christian Weilbell and Jon Tota from eLearning Brothers will demonstrate a process for building a business case that puts you and your teammates into a real-world, immersive experience of what you’re proposing. 

In a very purpose-driven, intentional, and results-oriented way, we’ll detail a process that helps you confidently approach decision-makers not just with a business argument and a proposal for change or investment, but with results from a high-fidelity, small scale, proof-of-concept. Between a solid business argument and early results demonstrated in a model environment, senior leadership will grasp the precise reasons why a learning platform will optimize your entire L&D operation and therefore have a hard time saying “no” and looking the other way. 

Join us to move beyond the standard RFP and implement a PoC model to prove a compelling case for your next learning platform.

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