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We Assembled a Powerhouse of Presenters for Our MembershipPLUS exclusive Masters Series Webinar

Thoughtful & Engaging Virtual Design - Meaningful Training With Measurable Results
Friday, June 11, 2021 - 6 Sessions


Access the recordings from the webinar event of the season with 7 speakers in 6 dynamic sessions,'s MembershipPLUS-exclusive Masters Series, Thoughtful & Engaging Virtual Design - Meaningful Training with Measurable Results.  

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There were six 45-minute sessions and a Q&A at the end of each.  Click on the session names below for a description of each event.  Did you miss any or all of the series? We recorded them for you!  You also gain access to all of the handouts and resources from the sessions in each recording.  

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Presenter List - Please click on each of the session names below for the details of each dynamic event!

This benefit is available to MembershipPLUS TrainingMagNetwork members.


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