Organizational Transformation With Learning & Development: The Johnson & Johnson Finance Story


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Director, Valeocon Management Consulting
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Global Finance Leader, Change Management and Communications, Johnson & Johnson
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When Johnson & Johnson adopted a three-tier model for the finance function, a major transformation effort was required. J&J historically operated with consumer products, medical devices and pharmaceutical products as separate business units in 70+ countries.  The shift to a shared service required transformation and standardization that impacted people, processes, and organizational structure, enabled by new technologies.  This change also presents issues from a talent perspective — and the Learning & Development function has played a key role in driving new skills, interactions and how finance professionals learn.
Join this interactive and engaging webinar to explore how:
  • Neuroscience findings were leveraged to accelerate the learning process
  • External benchmarking supported the business case for learning investments
  • Blended learning enabled an “anytime, anywhere” approach to on-demand access for a global roll-out
  • Curriculum design addressed both current and future state for the finance function
  • Investments in learning have been rationalized to align with key business priorities.

About Marjorie Derven

Marjorie Derven is a director at Valeocon Management Consulting, a global boutique consulting firm that enables clients across 30 countries to improve organizational performance through fit-for-purpose operating model design and capability development.

Marjorie has worked with many of the world’s best companies to align people practices with strategic imperatives.  She has served on many boards, including NY HR Strategy & People, ATD Editorial Board and the OD Practitioner EditorialBoard and as Senior Fellow at The Conference Board in the Human Capital practice. With deep expertise in organizational effectiveness, change management and learning, Marjorie is a frequent presenter at global conferences and has authored dozens of articles.

About Sherry Maklary

Sherry  Maklary , MBA, MST, CCMP, serves as the Global Finance Leader in Change Management, Communications and Training at Johnson & Johnson  Sherry is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Organizational Development & Educational Leadership. She holds various certifications in finance, accounting, tax, and change management and is people passionate and results driven.  She is a published author and frequent speaker at conferences and is active in many charitable organizations.


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