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5 Traits of a Great Workplace
Welcome to the “5 Traits of a Great Workplace Description” video lesson designed to outline the key traits to an outstanding workplace—meaningful mission, fulfilling work, positive culture, people focus, and transparent communication. This lesson describes how each of these traits should be implemented in the workplace and why they contribute to a desirable workplace. The lesson also shows how companies ultimately benefit from cultivating a great workplace.
9 Easy Ways to Be Smarter Every Day
Research shows that how we approach situations and how we feed our brains can significantly improve our mental horsepower. As part of an ongoing drive to be better every day, this lesson explores actions and habits that we can develop for daily improvement of our mental capacities and readiness. These ideas include mental, social, and physical concepts that contribute to our brain power. This lesson will help you understand that you CAN get smarter, learn that doing so shouldn’t be complicated or stressful, and provide important ideas that you might add to your daily routine.  
Achieving Mindfulness at Work (Part 1 of 2): The Case for Mindfulness
Welcome to the “The Case for Mindfulness” video lesson intended to provide basic information on being mindful. This video lesson is the first of two in the “Achieving Mindfulness at Work” series, which explains how to be a more mindful and productive member of the workforce. In this lesson, viewers will review the problem of partial attention at work and learn what mindfulness is. Ultimately, learners should understand, generally, what it takes to be more mindful at work.
Anti-Harassment: Establishing a Culture of Civility
Welcome to The Working World, brought to you by BizLibrary TV! In this video lesson, ‘Establishing a Culture of Civility,’ employees at Professionals Collective learn about the importance of having a respectful and harassment-free work culture. Through the employees’ experiences and reflections, viewers will see how creating a civil workplace involves leadership setting a good example and teaching intervention skills to employees. This anti-harassment course, which was designed to comply with state laws, is sure to capture your engagement while teaching you everything you need to know about workplace harassment. Special thanks to content consultant Deborah C. England, Esq., of San Francisco, CA, who kindly reviewed all harassment content with a critical and judicial eye.
Being Assertive is All About Choosing the Best Words
Speaking assertively means using direct, positive language.  Learn what to say and how to say it.  Including using "I" statements, being specific, asking for more information, demonstrating respect, not starting statements with apologies and being tactful while using positive words. 
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