Speaker: John Hackston

John Hackston is a Chartered Psychologist with over 30 years of experience in helping clients to use psychometric tests and questionnaires in a wide range of contexts including selection, leadership development, performance management and team building. His experience takes in roles in management, consultancy, training and in research, where he has managed large scale projects such as the development of the European versions of the MBTI Step II personality questionnaire. He regularly presents sessions at UK and international conferences.

John is passionate about objective assessment and believes that the ethical and focused use of personality questionnaires and ability tests can be a real force for good in the workplace. In his current role as Head of Thought Leadership at The Myers-Briggs Company, he has a mission to bridge the divide between academics, test users and business leaders, allowing executives and managers to apply research insights to the way they run their organizations. In doing so, he and his team both carry out original research and draw on the most relevant evidence from elsewhere.

Recent projects include research into the link between personality and a range of business concerns such as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber-security, the rise of the ‘always-on’ culture, well-being, the gig economy, entrepreneurship, and the use (or abuse) of email. Central to many of these is the belief, borne out by research, that knowing your personality increases your self-awareness, with positive results.


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    John Hackston
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    Head of Thought Leadership


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    The Myers-Briggs Company

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