Speaker: Katie Babbili

Katie has helped organizations strategically navigate their platform selection processes for over 5 years. Today, she works as an Enterprise Solutions Manager at BenchPrep helping education-focused organizations evaluate their current programs’ health while establishing a custom plan and solution roadmap to meet their short and long-term goals.

About BenchPrep
BenchPrep is a configurable cloud-based learning platform that delivers the best learning experience and drives revenue for nonprofits (credentialing bodies & associations), corporations and training companies.

With an award-winning learner-centric platform, BenchPrep increases learner engagement, improves long-term learner retention, and reduces dropout rates.

The platform’s omni channel delivery incorporates personalized learning pathways, robust instructional design principles, gamification, and near real-time analytics that allow organizations across all industries to achieve their goals.
BenchPrep has helped more than 5 million learners attain academic and professional success. To discover more about BenchPrep, please visit www.benchprep.com.


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    Katie Babbili
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    Enterprise Solutions Manager


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