Product Demo: Time to Realign! Adapt to the New World of Learning


Katie babbili
Learning Technology Analyst, BenchPrep
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    Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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The modern learner has drastically changed, yet training programs have remained strikingly stagnant.  To meet your objectives in both the near and long term, reassessing the current landscape and aligning with today’s learners will be required to devise the right training program that meets both your organization’s and learners’ needs. 

Join us for this free Training Product Demo, sponsored by BenchPrep. Your host, Katie (Long) Babbili, will demonstrate how BenchPrep’s configurable, cloud-based learning platform increases learner engagement, drives more revenue for training programs, and allows organizations to achieve their goals.

Key Takeaways:

During this product demo, Katie will provide insights on:
1. How to develop a long-term plan for success (walk before your run) for your eLearning program.
2. How training organizations have used digital tools to augment and improve their in-person and virtual classrooms.
3. How organizations are creating lifelong learning programs that continuously serve learners new content.
4. ... and much more!

About Katie Babbili

Katie has helped organizations strategically navigate their platform selection processes for over 6 years. Today, she leads our Lead Generation team at BenchPrep, which is responsible for keeping a pulse on the needs of the industry as well as uncovering opportunities to partner with leading training and educational organizations in evaluating their current program health while establishing a custom plan and solution roadmap to exceed their short and long-term goals.

​​​​​​​About BenchPrep
BenchPrep is a configurable cloud-based learning platform that delivers the best learning experience and drives revenue for nonprofits (credentialing bodies & associations), corporations and training companies.

With an award-winning learner-centric platform, BenchPrep increases learner engagement, improves long-term learner retention, and reduces dropout rates.

The platform’s omni channel delivery incorporates personalized learning pathways, robust instructional design principles, gamification, and near real-time analytics that allow organizations across all industries to achieve their goals.
BenchPrep has helped more than 5 million learners attain academic and professional success. To discover more about BenchPrep, please visit

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