Speaker: Fabian Zender

Fabian works as Innovation and Performance Engineer in the learning organization, eager to learn new skills and find ways to constantly improve performance. Fabian is leading the integration of a multi-university, industry partnership carrying out a year-long design, build, fly project with over 70 students from 8 institutions called Aerospace Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering (AerosPACE). Fabian is also supporting the learning efforts for 2nd Century Enterprise System (digital transformation of the enterprise tools), as part of this effort Fabian is leading the data analytics and technology efforts for the learning space. Fabian obtained his undergraduate and graduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. In his research Fabian focused on learning as a sociotechnical system, utilizing data analytics and learning science and combining them with traditional engineering approaches to advance personalized learning and optimize organizational performance.


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    Fabian Zender
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    Innovation and Performance Engineer


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