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In this issue of Training magazine, we look at how big data analytics can help improve learning and profits -- but only if the organization has the right people and set of skills. This issue also covers topics on the ROIs that come from On-site and Off-site training and compares their advantages and disadvantages. Check out this issue to find out more topics that would suit your taste and interest.
In this issue, Training magazing showcases its exclusive analysis of the U.S. training industry, featuring 2013 training expenditures, budgetary allocations, delivery methods, and training priorities. Together with this are topics ranging from the top125 in-tuition to how to solve today's skills gap. Check out this issue!
In this issue, Training magazine features how the vehicle maintenance company, Jiffy Lube, locks up the top spot on the 2014 Training Top 125. Also in this issue includes stories on Keller Williams strong productivity, leadership, and growth training initiatives that landed the real estate franchise in no. 2. Check out this issue and find more interesting stories!
In this issue, Training magazine features the 25 training professionals who demonstrated stellar growth in leadership skills and business acumen in 2014. This issue also presents the Global Leadership Development survey and why organizations struggle to achieve success with them. Other topics in this issue include, leading from strength, how to build your dream team and more!
In this issue, Training magazine shows how working from home can drive employee engagement and performance provided companies reinforce telecommuting training. This issue also covers paths to success, the 10 performance management gaps, and L&D best practices strategies for success. Check this issue out and learn more!
In this issue, Training magazine shows how e-learning can be a good alternative to in-class learning and finds out if both approaches yield the same results. This issue also covers topics on how to manage MOOCs, trends in games and simulations, and findings from a structured review of the literature on informal learning, and more!
In this issue, Training magazine looks at the 2015 Emerging Leaders, the New findings from The Global Leadership Forecast of 2014-2015 to reveal insights on—and the impact of— selecting and developing leaders, and what companies should give their trainers to become leaders, and many more!
In this issue, Training magazine looks at how organizations can fuel engagement and performance by helping employees renew their four cour energy needs: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
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