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Operation Lifesaver consisted of multiple modalities including a promotional video trailer, the interactive e-learning course, a traffic signs gamelette, and an integrated marketing plan with various tactics.
This short video is part of LLAMA, an Agile project management method. TorranceLearning has taken the best of Agile project management and added a few brilliant instructional design techniques to create LLAMA: the Lot Like Agile Methods Approach. LLAMA gives our clients the flexibility to keep up with changing business needs while creating amazing learning experiences.
Trello is a nifty website and app that lets us create digital task cards. It’s got a lot of benefits, too. It’s not location-specific so we don’t need to be in the office to update cards or see a board. The user interface allows for almost infinite uses of the app; anything that would benefit from categorizing, chunking, labeling, or color coding could take advantage of Trello. 
While the learning side of the team has experience with their roles, it’s pretty rare that anyone actually teaches SMEs how to do theirs. That’s what you’ll do here in this mini-course. Check out the anatomy of a great SME and learn more about your role on the project team.
When you begin a project, one of your first steps will be determining your goals and objectives. If you think of your project like a roadtrip, you can think of your goal as your destination and your objectives as the routes you have to take to get there. Both keep your efforts focused, but they do so in distinct ways. This resource helps you define your goals and objectives in a very effective way.    GrovoMicro
Many businesses approach the market by creating a product or service and then finding a buyer. But that's not the only way. Sometimes the opposite is needed. First, by listening to the market's frustrations and then catering to its needs. This is the idea behind design thinking -- a peopel-centric approach that sacrifices the problem-solver for the benefit of the customer's experience.
If you think of creativity as the ability to produce a new idea, an initial spark, you can think of innovation as the process that turns that spark into fire. In other words, innovation picks up where creativity leaves off. Check out this resource to learn more about innovation.
Microlearning is a method of training that takes place in short, bite-sized units. It aims to teach content in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Learn the ways in which microlearning differs from traditional learning. 
Holistic training is a method that prepares learners to succeed in real performance situations. It is an immersive learning experience that weaves together training from multiple angles and in multiple formats. Check this video out and learn more about Grovo's holistic training approach.
The lesson is designed to provide you with tools to successfully delegate and  helps you reflect and discover best practices. By Ray Jimenez, Ph.D. 2014
The lesson depicts how a person’s comment may or may not be viewed as a form of sexual harassment by a co-employee. By Ray Jimenez, Ph.D. 2014
This course uses stories to help farmers understand the need for better water pump performance. Look for the Success Stories. By Ray Jimenez, Ph.D. 2014
The Case of Gina is a Story-Based eLearning Design where a sales person is presented a real-life situation. By Ray Jimenez, Ph.D. 2014
Negotiation is a story-scenario based learning design where learners are placed in a real-life situation.  Using stories effectively move learners from too much technical information to real-life story situations. By Ray Jimenez, Ph.D. 2014
Nexans "Too Much Down Time" is a sample of a software and technical story lesson where content is taught within the context of a story and real-life setting. By Ray Jimenez, Ph.D. 2014
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