10 Big Impact Areas for Microlearning
by Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.

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Here are 10 Big Impact Areas for Microlearning.

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Reports from learning specialists suggest they get excited because their microlearning lessons are shorter, faster and easier to produce. However, the reports at work is that they are “nice since they are short” BUT workers don’t use it to impact work. What is causing this problem and why is microlearning “liked” and yet “does not impact work?”

With a significant number jumping on the Microlearning bandwagon, many L&D professionals cut, trim, splice, and space the delivery of micro-content. However, many of them are just the same content - trimmed down. Instead of an entire 30-minute video, they now have 20 one-minute videos. This approach is symptomatic of a problem where application of Microlearning, proceeds without rethinking how it truly impacts performance results.

In this webinar, you will learn how to add depth, relevance, and impacts using your Microlearning.
Topics to cover:
  • How to avoid irrelevant and poorly utilized Microlearning lessons
  • Why your Microlearning may be perceived as shallow and low-impact
  • How to move the Microlearning approach to aim for work impacts
  • How to collect the demands from workers for Microlearning lessons and how to deliver and track results
  • What metrics to set up, how to install and how to follow them up to get results
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    10 Biggest Impacts 
of Microlearning
  23 Microlearning
Models for Strategy

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