Clarity is Key

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Do your employees really know what you're trying to accomplish as a team and an organization?

New research links organizational underperformance and failure to meet key objectives with rampant employee confusion about Key Results. 85% of organizations say Key Results are not clearly defined such that employees at all levels can engage.

Download "Clarity Is Key" to discover the impact that clear communication has on results--and use this information to guide your team effectively, boost results, engage employees, and reach goals faster than ever.

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By 2020, millennials will make up over 50% of the American workforce. Typically defined as individuals born between the mid-80s and early 2000s, this generation has already begun to move into professional leadership roles.

Common wisdom dictates that the more mindful we are of the unique characteristics of this generation, the more effectively we’ll be able to train these young people to become excellent leaders and managers in their chosen fields.

In fact, studies have revealed that millennials’ employment needs and desires are not markedly different from those of their predecessors. Millennials report five key professional priorities: (1) maintaining a sense of purpose; (2) receiving mentorship from a coach rather than a boss; (3) receiving frequent feedback; (4) showcasing their strengths; and (5) developing their careers in the long-term.

But while professionals of all ages tend to want the same things, millennials are uniquely vocal in their pursuit of these ideals. Given their near-majority in the workforce, perhaps it’s time we started listening. In this webinar, discover how to focus on developing training systems that honor the unique attributes that millennial employees bring to the table.

In this webinar you will learn how to:
  • Understand how a Culture of Accountability® fosters employee engagement
  • Retain millennial employees (and save on hiring costs) by creating a culture where millennials can thrive
  • Discover how to develop training systems that honor the unique attributes that millennial employees bring to the table as they move into leadership roles

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