Interactive Video: What's Your Story? How to Lead With a Good Story

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It is widely understood that stories are a great vehicle to communicate essential lessons and enhance learning - especially when used to influence, motivate, and lead others. For most people however, the understanding stops there and key questions remain unanswered. What stories are most important? How do you standout in a sea of sameness? How do you write, tell and publish a good story?

In this practical, hands-on webinar Dave Carroll master storyteller, musician, and celebrated creator of "United Breaks Guitars" will:

  • Discuss his real-life experience with United Breaks Guitars and the impact this customer experience story, viewed by some 15 million people, had on an entire airline
  • Share the five stories every leader needs to know
  • Provide an in-depth insight into one key story that can benefit every organization looking to increase personal meaning and engagement in the workplace

You'll leave empowered with a plan to craft and publish your personal and essential leadership story.

Click here to view Dave Carroll's YouTube video, "United Break Guitars" 


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(The "United Breaks Guitars guy") Author, United Breaks Guitars: The Power of One Voice in the Age of Social Media