Interactive Video: (Preview) - Write it Right! Use a Seven Step Process to Develop Learning Activities

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Write it right
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With so many learning experiences, techniques and devices to choose from, the course designer can be like a gourmet cook, carefully choosing just the right combination to achieve the desired results.  There is no excuse for the overuse of lecture as the primary and often only technique.
What is the best activity?  There is no answer to this question.  It depends on your purpose.  Learning experiences may be classified by purpose, although a particular technique may have multiple applications.  Most activities are best used in combination with other techniques. What is the worst activity?  The one that is used all the time, whatever it is!
This workshop suggests a seven-step process to develop learning materials, identifies a “best use” for a variety of learning experiences, and presents a proven approach to designing discovery learning by writing adult learning steps to process any learning activity.


Melissa 2014
Managing Partner, The Training Clinic

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