How to Bring Employees Back Into a Hybrid Workplace
By Dr. Bob Nelson, President, Nelson Motivation @DRBOBNELSON1

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As we enter the post-pandemic era, most of us will find the workplace has changed. Remote work, which had been a dream for many workers, became a reality over the past year, as at least 42 percent of the U.S. workforce shifted to working virtually full-time from home. Now that the pandemic is subsiding, the Conference Board reports that 40 percent of employers are planning to have workers return to the office, but 61 percent of white-collar employees say they would like their company to let them continue to work remotely indefinitely, and of that number, almost 30 percent of working professionals indicate they will quit if they are told to return to the office.

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As companies calibrate the balance between remote and in-office work, company cultures may be facing their greatest challenge in generations.

Temporary work-from-home policies are maturing into more permanent hybrid work models with some mix of at-home and at-office schedules. 65% of those employees that have been working from home during the pandemic want to continue to do so; 58% of those same employees say they will quit if forced to return to a central office to work. They’ve seen that remote work can work and do not want to return to having a daily commute which they view as a waste of time.

Many of the elements that defined a company’s culture just a few years ago are much less effective today. The hybrid workplace requires a new approach for fostering and sustaining a healthy company culture.

Join multi-million copy best-selling author Dr. Bob Nelson and Mario Tamayo as they share the six most important elements of fostering and sustaining any company culture in a hybrid work environment—and how you can ensure your team is productive, collaborative, and connected no matter where they are located—or when they work.

You’ll discover:
  •     Stats about Today’s Workforce
  •     What is a Hybrid Workplace?
  •     6 Keys to Managing a Hybrid Workforce
  •     The Future of Hybrid Work
  •     Q&A 

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