Navigating the Great Reshuffle
eBook by BizLibrary

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While organizations understood that skill gaps existed before the pandemic, the Great Reshuffle has only hastened the need for to close those gaps as record numbers of employees are making career shifts. One of the biggest reasons employees choose to leave is a lack of career growth opportunities. When employees leave, companies may feel pressure to fill vacant job roles right away while failing to recognize skill gaps and ultimately costing the organization more time and money.

To better understand how organizations are tackling skill gaps, BizLibrary administered a skills survey to more than 200 respondents in the HR and L&D spaces with the below findings.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:
  • How training leaders are managing training requests 
  • How to map and the benefits to mapping skill development
  • Strategies to promoting training beyond simply compliance
  • How to address the future of personalized skill development 

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