Preparing for the Future of Workplace Learning: 7 Challenges and Innovations for Changing Times
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Transforming L&D for a Sustainable Future
With the pandemic, mass working from home, and huge changes to working environments, 2020 saw incredible transformations across the working world. L&D teams had to pivot almost overnight. For many organizations, this initially meant transferring predominantly or completely face-to-face learning into the virtual realm.

At LEO, we worked closely with, and spoke to, L&D professionals around the world and in many different industries throughout the pandemic, as we helped them respond. In doing so we also began to understand what has and hasn’t worked for them in such a transitional year.

One of our favorite analogies heard in discussion with a senior L&D professional went something like this:
"Railway tracks were built on the same basic dimensions as roads created for horse and cart. They didn’t think out of the box. We can’t do that this time. We need to develop ground-up virtual strategies."

So, what does this mean for learning?
Put simply, in order to transform learning in an effective, sustainable, and scalable way for the future, we shouldn’t simply adapt the old ways of doing things. Just because something worked before, that doesn’t mean it will work in a new, digital, distanced, and flexible learning context. We need to embrace the opportunity for innovative and agile transformation.

So, as we look at the world of learning in this period of drastic change, what shifts are taking place, what are we learning, and how can we take these trends and observations into consideration as we prepare for the future?

In this eBook, we’re looking back over some of the biggest challenges this industry has faced to see what can be learned and what our key takeaways are for 2021 and beyond.

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