PSJH Uses Qstream to Boost Learner Engagement and Save Millions of Dollars on Compliance Training

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The Challenge
Providence St. Joseph Health is a not-for-profit health system with 119,000 caregivers and employees nationwide. At PSJH, the learning and development team provides award-winning learning content to their workforce. However, learning leaders discovered engagement still proved to be low.

When exploring KPIs, staff knowledge retention was measured at 76%. As part of the initiative, leaders set a goal to increase proficiency by 16%, a lofty target but one they felt was achievable. Additionally, another key objective of implementing a new solution included drastically reducing the cost of compliance education –
mandatory training that organizations like Providence St. Joseph Health spend over a million dollars per year on. Finally, learning leaders demanded a solution that would enable frontline managers to support caregivers with actionable, real-time learning data, something that's missing from their current learning strategy.

In order to boost engagement and proficiency, PSJH described the need to transform their programs to provide a more learner-centric experience.

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