Reversing 200 Years in the Wrong Direction with Blended and Continuous Training


Martyn lewis
Founder & CEO, 3G Selling (3GS)
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Attend this 60-minute webinar to get a preview of Martyn Lewis' session(s) at Training's Online Learning Conference in Chicago or to simply learn important best practices about grooming young professionals for success in an age of change:

In this session Martyn Lewis (Founder 3GS) will contend that training has been heading in the wrong direction for 200 years and that we now have the chance to reverse this trend by embracing blended and continuous training approaches.  Thanks to technology, we can now re-architect and redesign training for how people actually work and live their lives in today’s world.  However, this requires us to let go of old standards and embrace new approaches.  

The webinar will cover:
  • Moving beyond the walls of the physical classroom
  • How the physical classroom has acted as a constraint in the design of traditional training
  • The 7 keys to the effective design of blended and continuous learning program
  • How to determine what training should be live and what can be more effectively delivered asynchronously
  • How the traditional content of a training program becomes highly decentralized and distributed across multiple mediums and vehicles  
  • The critical role of change management

The approaches will be reinforced by using case studies from the world of sales training illustrating how the total time dedicated to training by the participants can be significantly reduced and yet the efficacy of the program increased.

Participants will gain a series of highly pragmatic tools and approaches than can be immediately applied to rethinking the design and development of blended and continuous learning programs.

All are welcome to attend, but especially those who will attend the Online Learning Conference in Chicago, Sept. 22, 2016. This webinar is a great primer for the live workshop Martyn will be facilitating at OLC.

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About Martyn Lewis

After a successful career in corporate life, Martyn Lewis founded his first company in 1995.  Since then his company has trained in excess of 85,000 people across 41 countries.  In 2008 Martyn foresaw the trend away from physical classroom training events towards the adoption of more continuous learning styles, often delivered in the virtual world. He became a passionate leader for this new way in which to enable individual and team learning. He also understood the need to look at different approaches for the delivery of training that would engage and motivate the learner. He launched a new company (3g Selling or 3GS) to combine people and processes from the broadcast media with the more traditional instructional design and delivery experts.

Since inception, his company has delivered in excess of 1,400 live virtual training sessions, and has won awards such as the CLO Gold award for innovative training design. Martyn is now recognized as a leader in the effective approaches to live virtual training and speaks at events promoting best practices in this emerging, yet vital, training approach.  Organizations such as the Federal Department of State, Macy’s, Merck and Nokia have adopted the 3GS methodology for their own training needs.

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