Evaluating Training:
I got a 4.2 Great! But is that any good?


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When confronted with the question, “Is training working?”  utilizing benchmarks can arm you with insight to determine how well training is doing within your organization, and also provide insight into how you stack up against your competitors.

This session will provide an overview of diverse benchmarks,  key insights that they provide, and examples of how to utilize them when telling a story to demonstrate the impact of training programs.

About M. Christine Lawther, Ph.D.

Christine Lawther is a Senior Advisor with Gartner’s Metrics That Matter TM  team.   Christine supports a number of organizations across the healthcare, pharmaceutical, government, financial, and retail sectors on Learning & Development measurement, analytics and strategy.  In her role, she enables her clients to report and analyze L&D metrics such as ROI, scrap learning, and business impact on key human capital initiatives.  Outside of work,  Christine is an adjunct professor who teaches Organizational Leadership at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

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