The Happiness Advantage at Work Part 2:
Changing Social Scripts to Positive


Devin hughes home
Chief Inspiration Officer, International Thought Leader Network
Jennifer falkenberg
Director of Customer Service Learning & Development, T-Mobile
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    Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern
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What makes happiness at work so hard?  The truth is that happy cultures are difficult to build and sustain. First, organizations must change the powerful social scripts that inadvertently undermine positive environments and behaviors.  Second, business priorities must demonstrate a real commitment to happiness as a strategy for success.
In this second of a three part webinar series on The Happiness Advantage at Work, Devin Hughes, Chief Inspiration Officer at International Thought Leader Network (partner with Harvard happiness researcher and internationally best-selling author Shawn Achor) talks to T-Mobile’s Jennifer Falkenberg, Director of Customer Service Learning & Development, on the challenges and critical steps involved in building a happiness advantage inside T-Mobile.
In the fast-moving mobile marketplace, T-Mobile is a positive outlier.  Jennifer suggested that happiness might be exactly what her organization needed as an enabler to deliver on T-Mobile’s Un-carrier promise to employees and customers.  Jennifer saw that starting inside out and infusing happiness into their DNA was “how” T-Mobile could deliver on the Company’s mission to revolutionize the wireless industry.

Hear Jennifer’s story and join in the dialogue to discuss:      

  • How “social scripts”, the unwritten rules that dictate how we behave when others are present, determine the rules of engagement inside our organizations and ultimately define corporate culture
  • How to leverage and manage social scripts to create a more positive workplace that fosters higher performance and aligns with (and drives) company objectives.
  • The priority check needed by management at all levels when focusing on the long-term success of our organizations.  This includes both recognition that a positive culture drives better performance - but how important it is that that connection is made clear!
  • The power of leading from the front in building awareness and momentum, and how success can ripple out in group environments, especially the workplace.

About Devin Hughes

Devin is a Senior Consultant with International Thought Leader Network, a highly sought after keynote speaker and successful author.  He has been consulting, training, and writing about personal development, organizational change and the science of happiness for the last decade.  He has been at the forefront of leading culture change, developing simplified tools for innovation, strategy planning, and aligning sales, marketing, and communications strategies for maximum business results.

An avid storyteller who has the unique ability to connect with audiences by inspiring them to be the change they wish to see in the world, he draws on a variety of ideas, disciplines and experiences to inspire “Big Thoughts” and facilitate conversations for positive change. He inspires people to achieve their personal and organizational goals faster by capitalizing on the power of the “Happiness Advantage”.  Additionally, he has won multiple awards for his strategic brand-building approach to customer experiences in multiple industries.

He has accomplished these successes through a teaching orientation, which provides non-experts with dynamic tools so they can succeed like experts.  Devin received his BA from Colgate University (1991).

About Jennifer Falkenberg

Like you, Jennifer Falkenberg is passionate about training, learning, and people development. As an L&D executive working for the fastest growing wireless company, T-Mobile US, in the award-winning, un-rivaled, Customer Service organization, she’s a learning guru that’s gotta love what she does and walk the talk!  With over two decades of experience leading and teaching people, Jennifer has turned her childhood dream into a reality. 

Jennifer leads an award-winning Learning & Development organization whose culture centers around the customer experience by enabling the Customer Service frontline to effectively and efficiently resolve customer’s issues in an Un-carrier way.  Jennifer is un-stoppable in her pursuit of learning solutions that are simple, effective, relevant, and engaging. She is un-satisfied with the status quo and un-afraid to innovative, and is here to change the corporate L&D industry for the better.


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