The Secrets of Sales Credibility: The Trust Accelerator


C. lee smith
CEO of SalesFuel, Global Sales Credibility Authority
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    Tue, Aug 15, 2023 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Only 1 in 4 U.S. adults views salespeople as credible in what they say and do [The American State of Credibility, 2020]. This means most salespeople start new business relationships from a position of weakness.

Based on his 30+ years of research and proven success, Global Sales Credibility Authority C. Lee Smith will show you how to multiply your sales opportunities by attracting the high-value clients you want most, accelerating trust-building, and earning repeat business.

Lee will share insights from his Amazon bestseller SalesCred®: How Buyers Qualify Sellers on how to get the respect from buyers you deserve, plus:
  • Fresh data from his firm's 2023 "Voice of the Buyer" study of more than 1,000 B2B decision-makers
  • How to build credibility with each buyer using The Hierarchy of Sales Credibility™, a 5-layer framework that unlocks your ability to win their trust
  • Examples of how salespeople harm their credibility with the little things they do and say every day
Sales credibility is a pre-requisite to reaching "trusted advisor" status with clients. This session will enlighten both sales managers and executive leaders on what credibility is, the vital role it plays in sales, and how to use it to gain access to the people and information that close deals.

As a live attendee, you will receive an exclusive electronic version of Lee's acclaimed book, SalesCred®: How Buyers Qualify Sellers. This invaluable resource will continue to guide you long after the webinar concludes. Reserve your spot now.

About C. Lee Smith

C. Lee Smith is the founder and CEO of SalesFuel®, which provides Research for Revenue Generators™. He is also a Certified Behavioral Analyst specializing in workplace behavior and workforce analytics. He is the author of the Amazon international bestseller Hire Smarter, Sell More! A sought-after keynote speaker for conferences and meetings, he provides consulting to companies of all sizes on how salespeople, sales managers and the marketing team can be viewed as more credible by their prospects. His SalesCred App for Apple iOS and Android has had 200k+ downloads.

He is also the creator of AdMall®, a sales intelligence platform that helps local media sales teams in the U.S. to Sell Smarter®, and TeamTrait™, a revolutionary new platform for developing and retaining high-performing sales teams worldwide. When not planning SalesFuel’s next breakthrough tool or advising his clients, you can find Lee on his bicycle raising money for cancer research with his team, The Honey Badgers. Visit for more info and connect with him @cleesmith on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

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