CLO Panel: The Learning Impact of Generative AI and Spatial Computing


Brandon carson
Global Head of Learning Development and Partner Experience, Starbucks
Simon brown
Chief Learning Officer, Novartis
Peter sheppard
Head of Global Learning Ecosystem, Ericsson
President, The Gronstedt Group
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    Tue, Nov 28, 2023 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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What a spectacular year in learning tech, and we're just midway! As the pixels settle from the overnight sensation of ChatGPT and Apple’s spectacular entry into “spatial computing” it’s time to take stock. Join a panel of Chief Learning Officers from Starbucks, Ericsson, and Novartis for a conversation about these seismic technological transitions and their repercussion on strategic learning. The upcoming installment of Training Magazine Network’s "Learning from the Leading Edge" will explore how L&D can:
  • elevate cognitive performance with generative AI “co-pilots” that have endless patience and boundless knowledge,
  • boost hands-on performance with VR “flight simulators” that provide muscle memory and mastery,
  • enhance the physical workplace with spatial “head-up displays” of digital performance support,
  • optimize organizational productivity by giving humans superpower in the flow of work with these reality-bending headsets and mind-blowing language models.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how this all-star panel of CLOs from some of the world’s largest companies plan on harnessing the new tech to upskill and boost performance:

Brandon Carson, Starbucks, Global Head of Learning, Development, and Partner Experience
Simon Brown, Novartis, Chief Learning Officer
Peter Sheppard, Ericsson, Head of Global L&D Ecosystem
Host: Anders Gronstedt, Ph,D. President of the Gronstedt Group

Bring your questions as we explore how the barriers between the physical and digital worlds are blurring with the twin forces of generative AI and spatial learning.

About Brandon Carson

Brandon Carson, formerly Walmart's VP of Learning and Leadership, is Starbucks' Global Head of Learning, Development, and Partner Experience. He authored two books, "Learning in the Age of Immediacy" and "L&D's Playbook for the Digital Age". Carson also founded L&D Cares.

About Simon Brown

Simon Brown is Chief Learning Officer at global pharmacy leader Novartis and international best-selling author of the Amazon #1 hot new release “The Curious Advantage” and hosts a popular podcast with the same name.

About Peter Sheppard

Peter Sheppard is Head of Global L&D Ecosystem at Ericsson, the global leader in communication and 5G and an expert at leading transformation in corporate learning and an international speaker on key L&D topics.

About Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D.

Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D., is president of The Gronstedt Group, which is instrumental in helping global companies like Walmart, Pfizer, Novartis, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Daikin improve performance with their custom-developed multi-player VR simulations and learning games. He is a frequent industry speaker and writer with articles appearing in the Harvard Business Review.

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