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VP of Sales and Marketing, simpleshow
Sr. Director of Sales Effectiveness, Becton Dickinson
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Does your sales training work? Are people paying attention? Our sales teams are so overloaded, we need to reach them quickly and effectively.

Video is an extremely useful tool in training and communication, but oftentimes people are intimidated by the thought of creating one. Join simpleshow and BD for this interactive webinar where we will show you how to easily create your own explainer video in just minutes and share 5 simple rules you can apply to ensure your sales training videos (and all your training videos!) are engaging, easy to understand, and drive results.

We’ll be raffling off personalized, illustrated portraits to 10 lucky winners! Join us for your chance to win.

  • Understand how the brain processes information - and how to use it to your advantage
  • Discover simpleshow’s proprietary formula for simplifying your communications
  • Learn how to easily communicate complex topics using video

About Andrea Acosta

As the VP of Sales & Marketing at simpleshow, Andrea Acosta brings her enthusiasm for interactive simplified training to help disrupt the learning world and challenge the status quo. She combines her passion for creative arts with her Finance and Marketing degree to help make sure that simpleshow clients find great success. She has been at simpleshow since 2014 and is now leading the team into the SaaS world with their revolutionary video maker platform.

Passionate about simpleshow's mission, she is constantly thinking of new ways to help make the world a simpler place to live.

About Kelly Clem

Kelly Clem began her career as a Registered Nurse. During that time, she had the opportunity to serve as Chairman of the Nursing Diagnosis Committee, Practice Council, and served as a member of the New Products Committee. These experiences, created a passion for the business side of healthcare.

She made the jump from clinical to business starting with a position in healthcare sales. Since that time, she has had advancing responsibilities in Sales Development, Sales Management, Business Integration, Contracting, and Strategic Account Management. She transitioned to her current role as Sr. Director of Sales Effectiveness and developed Sales Enablement as a functional department and Center of Excellence for BD Medical.

In her free time, Kelly has a passion for decorating, art, Yoga, and sipping on good wine with her friends and family.

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