Managing Virtual Workers in the Era of Hybrid Work


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Author, President, Nelson Motivation Inc.
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VP of Business Strategy, Harrison Assessments
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    Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Virtual and remote work is here to stay. Find out what it takes to successfully manage virtual workers, learn the pitfalls and successful tools and techniques other organizations are successfully using on this topic, and increase your confidence for effectively getting work done through workers who are not in the office.

Topics include: 
  • The growing importance of virtual work and the virtual worker
  • Setting clear goals, expectations and control for virtual workers
  • Building trust, teams and accountability with virtual workers
  • Enhancing career development options for virtual workers
  • Virtual recognition and rewards for remote workers   
 Objectives attendees will learn include:
  1. Recent research, trends and practices shaping virtual work & workers
  2. Work challenges & opportunities in the use of remote workers
  3. Successful strategies & techniques in managing virtual employees
By allowing greater worker autonomy and flexibility, companies can greatly expand their potential pool of talent, which is especially important in light of the increasing shortage of skilled labor facing all organizations today and in the years to come. 
The first 100 attendees will receive a copy of The Virtual Manager.

This session will include a brief Solution Showcase presented by Harrison Assessments.

Note:  All U.S. residents who attend this event will receive a free copy of The Virtual Manager

Hope to see you in the webinar!

About Bob Nelson, Ph.D.

Bob Nelson, Ph.D. is president of Nelson Motivation Inc., a multi-million copy best-selling author, and is considered the world’s leading authority on employee recognition, engagement & retention. He has worked with 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies.

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About Tracey Wik

Tracey Wik is an innovative organization development leader with expertise in data-driven talent management and decision making. For 20+ years, she has championed the value of research-based assessments to minimize client risk and drive key business strategies. As the VP of Business Strategy for Harrison Assessments Americas, she works to advance and support creative marketing initiatives and business development activities. Tracey received her Master’s in Organizational Development from Northwestern University and is a founding board member of WEI, the Nation’s first comprehensive institute for Women Business founders. 

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