Finding Balance in Blended Learning:
Making the Move to Interactive Online Training


Chris p
VP, Business Development, Versal
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In-person training is reliable, personal and interactive. Online training is scalable, cost-effective and empowers people to learn at their own pace, on their own time. With today's agile workforce, blended learning offers the best of both worlds.
Yet online learning is too often limited to videos and slide decks, meaning learners may spend spend more time checking Facebook than learning the material. So how can organizations successfully make the move to online training while creating the same kind of captivating and engaging experiences found in person?
In this lively webinar, we will...
  • Learn how to create interactive online learning experiences that your audience will love
  • Explore ways to migrate lecture-style materials and exercises into online courses
  • Receive actionable tips on how to convey concepts interactively and keep your learners engaged

Immediately following the webinar, participants are invited to remain for a semi-private demonstration of the new Versal for Organizations platform.

About Christopher Poseley

Christopher Poseley is Versal’s Vice-President of Business Development. He has worked as a professional business development executive for more than 20 years, in industries such as education, philanthropy and consulting. He specializes in creating successful strategic alliances between early stage startups and large enterprise and has worked with fortune 500 organizations across the globe. He has demonstrated expertise in all aspects of building highly effective go to market strategies, licensing models, OEM deals, and channel development within a broad range of industries.

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