6 Ways to Strengthen Your Training with Social Learning


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Enterprise Video Learning Specialist, Panopto
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Businesses are looking for new ways to scale and support their training and knowledge-sharing efforts in the face of evolving hybrid work models, employee learning styles, compliance regulations, and workforce attrition.

Today’s L&D pros have already seen the potential value that video technology can offer in this growing remote and hybrid training environment. Their real challenges? Empowering subject matter experts and leaders outside of training teams to help build a flexible and collaborative knowledge-sharing environment.

In this webcast, we’ll go beyond the basic applications of video in employee training and explore 6 6 actionable ideas you can apply to your own organization to improve the discoverability and effectiveness of your training, support social learning, improve productivity, and more.

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About Rajdeep Chokar

Rajdeep Chokar is an Enterprise Video Learning Specialist at Panopto. She spends most of her days at work consulting with businesses and schools to help solve virtual communication, training, and learning needs. Rajdeep’s experience in the video and technology space has led to her expertise in topics like the mastery of video implementation in training and communication. When she’s not discussing video, Rajdeep enjoys elevating her entrepreneurial skills and exploring the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.

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