The work environment has changed forever.  Are you ready to keep your employees by promoting and sustaining an engaging, effective, and enthusiastic place to thrive? 

Jill Christensen is an employee engagement expert, whose popular and member-acclaimed webinars in Training Magazine Network have helped establish an affirmative approach to managing and dealing with our challenging times.  

Access the recordings and resources from this very special workshop in two 75-minute sessions.


To celebrate the release of Jill’s new book, Remote 101: The Secret to Engaging Virtual Workers, she’s turned two of her most popular webinars into a Training Magazine Network Intensives Series two-session workshop.  She’ll provide new perspectives, resources, and tools to optimize employee engagement to retain your most valuable resource, your people while improving productivity.
Session 1 - What You Need to Know - A Deep Dive into Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement
  • Insights into why traditional approaches to employee engagement don’t work.
  • Tactics to engage senior leaders and managers in employee engagement. 
  • A proven strategy that they can apply immediately to re-engage employees.
  • Clarity on the next steps and inspiration to achieve their goals.
Session 2 - How to Apply What You Now Know Remotely - A Focused Look at Proven Strategies to Keep Remote Workers Engaged, Enthused, and Effective 
  • Trends for the future of work.
  • The one thing you must know to keep remote employees engaged, enthused, and effective.
  • The importance of Connection, Communication, and Collaboration, and how to bring these things to life for employees, regardless of physical distance.
  • A proven strategy that you can apply immediately to re-engage or engage remote workers.

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This benefit is available to MembershipPLUS TrainingMagNetwork members.