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There are numerous formats for multiple-choice questions. Research has found some to work well while others are considered problematic or worse. Research helps us understand, for example, whether we should use true/false questions, matching questions, and questions with more than one correct answer.

Research also helps us know when to use different question formats. For example, one format is especially good for measuring whether participants understand critical course concepts and to analyze the misunderstandings participants have. This is super important to understand! And yet this format isn’t commonly used!

In this session, we’ll zero in on what research says about multiple-choice question formats. We’ll:
  • Evaluate eight multiple-choice question formats.
  • Analyze research about which should and shouldn’t be used.
  • Select good formats for specific assessment uses.
You’ll gain critical insights about selecting better multiple-choice question formats. An in-progress copy of the multiple-choice question formats chapter from Patti’s upcoming multiple-choice question-writing book will be included. And Patti will be available to answer your questions.

About Patti Shank, Ph.D., CPT

Patti Shank PhD is the author of Write Better Multiple-Choice Questions to Assess LearningWrite and Organize for Deeper LearningPractice and Feedback for Deeper Learning, and Manage Memory for Deeper Learning. She’s an internationally recognized instructional designer, researcher, and learning analyst who makes these tactics clear and actionable in her books and courses.

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