Being Virtual – Going From Good to Great!


Founder of DS Virtually and Virtual Collaboration Expert
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Even as the  world is starting to move back to physical offices, virtual platforms continue to remain an essential part of our professional lives.  That being said, the question remains: how can we improve the quality of virtual events for a post-Pandemic world?

Join our virtual collaboration expert, David Smith as he shows you how to level-up your virtual experiences from good to great, in no time.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Find out ways to develop the three levels of virtual fluency - your ability to connect, communicate and collaborate virtually
  2. Get insight into the three factors critical to virtual event success
  3. Learn how to engage a virtual audience and deliver truly captivating virtual experiences

About David Smith

David Smith is the driving force behind DS Virtually, a globally recognised virtual working expert, author, and keynote speaker on developing people for the digital workplace, he has become a regular webinar and conference speaker on the subject of moving training from the traditional face to face classroom into both digital and virtual forms, how to engage the modern learner, as well as how technologies change the way in which we communicate, connect and collaborate.

Since 2008, when David began working full-time both remotely and virtually using online virtual platforms such as Adobe Connect, WebEx, GoToMeeting and Skype for Business, he has trained, coached, upskilled, and mentored thousands of professionals in how to engage invisible audiences, design and deliver highly effective virtual events, and take advantage of the web conferencing technologies that help us work globally.

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