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Your GOAL is to keep your learners focused, engaged and learning during your online training sessions. PROBLEM:  We, as online trainers, are not keeping attendees busy enough. They are multitasking because they can.

It’s time to take your sessions to the next level. In order to accomplish this, you need a combination of compelling content and integration of the hottest new tools. This webinar combined with our live conference session, will do just that.

Join this webinar with Sheri Jeavons, President of Power Presentations, Inc. to learn our Webinars that Wow® content development format. This provides a step-by-step process to guide you through developing dynamic content for your live online learning session.

Attend this live, interactive webinar to learn:
  • A step-by-step process to develop compelling content
  • How to capture attendees’ attention in the first two minutes
  • Slide development guidelines
  • How to determine the right amount of content for your webinar
  • Co-facilitation suggestions
  • When and where to add online tools
  • The importance of including different types of interaction
  • Ways to keep attendees talking, involved and contributing

About Sheri Jeavons

Since founding Power Presentations, Inc. in 1993, Sheri Jeavons has ensured the company evolves to meet its clients’ ever-changing needs. Her mission, however, stays the same: Create presentation skills training programs that professionals leave saying, “That was the best training I’ve ever attended. Ever.”
Whether you have to stand and deliver an important presentation, lead or participate in a high-profile seated meeting, work on a virtual team or deliver live online training, Power Presentations can help!

Sheri has developed customized curriculum and personalized coaching techniques for all levels of expertise including technical, scientific, financial, sales, trainers, managers, executives and emerging leaders. All of this curriculum can be conducted face-to-face or online, for groups or individuals.
Power Presentations has successfully trained more than 25,000 professionals from a variety of Fortune 500 Companies and industry leaders such as FedEx, Marathon Petroleum, Goodyear and NASA. These clients rank these programs between 9.2-9.6 on a scale of 10.
Sheri is also the author of Tips for your Talk® and Master your Virtual Communications: A Webinars that Wow® Training Guide.

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