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Whether it’s an online meeting, a presentation via webinar, or live online training, engagement is the main question on everyone’s mind: Will it be worth my time to attend, or will it be an opportunity to check email instead? Furthermore, is it effective learning? How do you make sure that your learners interact with the experience and are really learning?

Online meeting technology is powerful and has made it easy to connect with people from anywhere in the world at any time, yet L&D professionals often still struggle with getting everyone to interact. Interaction is the answer to successful engagement and using the features of the platform is the answer to interaction. However, the features alone do not engage the participants. It is what you choose to do with those features that will make the difference in your next virtual training, webinar, or meeting.

During this session, you will learn what you can do to be successful in the virtual environment and avoid having everyone ask for a recording or a copy of the slides five minutes into your next virtual event. You’ll analyze the activities demonstrated and brainstorm where the techniques could be applied to your virtual training programs. You’ll explore the specific challenges of managing the technology, and brainstorm solutions to the engagement problems you are likely to experience with your live online attendees when technical problems arise. Activities that align with better learning principles such as authentic, relevant, fun, accessible, timely, efficient, and engaging are the key to your success. Through them you’ll learn to manage the technology, get attendees to actively interact, and help presenters have a great time too!

Application on the Job
1. Define virtual learner engagement to effectively design the appropriate activities. 
2. Analyze activities for specific engagement techniques and feature usage to apply to your own activity design.
3. Create your own customized activities for immediate use in your virtual classroom programs. 
4. Design an experience that aligns with better learning principles including authentic, relevant, fun, accessible, timely, efficient, and engaging.

About Kassy LaBorie

Kassy is the principal consultant at Kassy LaBorie Consulting, LLC. She is a speaker, instructional designer, classroom facilitator, and author who specializes in virtual learning, teams, and live online technology. Kassy is passionate about helping organizations, learning teams, and training professionals successfully move to the virtual environment. 

In her previous role at Dale Carnegie Training, she was the director of virtual training services, a consultancy that partners with organizations to help them develop successful online training strategies. Kassy also served as the product design architect responsible for developing the company’s live online training product and experience. Prior to this, she was an independent master virtual trainer, a Microsoft software trainer, and a senior trainer at WebEx, where she helped build and deliver training at the WebEx University.

Kassy is the co-author of Interact and Engage! 50+ Activities for Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars and author of Producing Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars, both with ATD Press. A frequent speaker at industry conferences since 2006, she has presented at Training Magazine events including their yearly conference and Online Learning Conferences, Chief Learning Officer symposiums, The Virtual Learning Show, ATD’s TechKnowledge and International Conference & Exposition, as well as many local ATD Chapter events. 

Find Kassy sharing tips on Twitter @KassyConsulting
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For more information about Kassy, visit her website:

About Dan Keckan

Dan Keckan is CEO of Cinecraft Productions an award-winning custom learning company in Cleveland, Ohio and author of the “7 Better Learning Principles” book. He leads a team of amazing designers, developers and video producers that help organizations create authentic, relevant and effective learning. The organizations he works with include The Sherwin-Williams Company, Hyatt Hotels and Ace Hardware to name a few. His expertise includes designing effective learning strategies and aligning the strengths of different modalities with the actual skill or behavior to be demonstrated. Dan and his team have won dozens of awards including Brandon Hall, DemoFest’s “Best in Show” and the International eLearning Awards.  Finally, you can usually find Dan at L&D conferences around the United States offering tips, tricks and tools for designing effective simulations.


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