Be Informed: Meta Research on Factors That Support Learning Transfer


Author, Learning-and-Performance Consultant and Researcher
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CEO and Founder, Learning Transfer and Evaluation Specialist
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    Tue, Apr 07, 2020 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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Creating an impact from training is a challenge that learning professionals have grappled with for many years. Join Will Thalheimer as he shares his new research report on Learning Transfer, in conjunction with Emma Weber, Learning Transfer Specialist, who will share her expertise on how to put these ideas into practice. 

As Will shares research nuggets, he’ll invite the audience to engage in predictions and reflections in a very  interactive session. The report was published just a few months ago, but already it has sent shock waves through Learning & Development units worldwide. Secure your seat for this LIVE WEBINAR to have your questions answered about this BRAND-NEW review of LEARNING TRANSFER research.  

In this interactive webinar, Will and Emma will be sharing the latest in learning transfer research to set the record straight.

Join the webinar to:
1.  Discover the learning factors that scientific research suggests are most important in supporting transfer—and avoid myths about transfer that may waste time and resources.
2.  Understand the intriguing truths that have been unearthed in the field of transfer.
3. Have clarity on what you can do to inform and improve transfer practices in your organization.

About Will Thalheimer, Ph.D.

Will Thalheimer, PhD, does research-based consulting focused on learning evaluation and presentation design in workplace learning. He’s available for keynotes, speaking, workshops, evaluation strategy, smile-sheet rebuilds, and research benchmarking. Founder of The Debunker Club, author of the award-winning book Performance-Focused Smile Sheets, creator of LTEM, the Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model, creator and host of the Presentation-Science online workshop, and co-host of the Truth-in-Learning podcast, Will tweets as @WillWorkLearn and blogs and consults at Work-Learning Research, where he also publishes extensive research-to-practice reports—and makes them available for free.

About Emma Weber

Emma Weber is a recognized authority on the transfer of learning. Emma is the CEO and Founder of Lever - Transfer of Learning who has enabled companies such as Telstra, Oracle and BMW deliver and measure tangible business results from learning. Emma has been a guest speaker at learning effectiveness conferences worldwide and has also authored the book "Turning Learning into Action" and co-authored "Making Change Work" with Jack and Patti Phillips of the ROI Institute



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